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From A Big Sister: A Letter To My Baby Brother

When mommy and daddy told me I was going to be a big sister, I really didn’t know what that meant. They were both so excited, flashing around some stick that apparently mommy peed on. Eww gross! They were taking pictures, mommy was crying happy tears and daddy was talking about how early retirement was out of the picture. Whatever that means!

In the beginning mommy was really sick. We didn’t get to play together all the time like we used to because she was not feeling herself. She said that the new baby was making her feel yucky. I was mad at you because there were some days I couldn’t play with mom all the time. Luckily daddy was around and he was able to take care of all of us. He gave me baths and did all of the things that were hard for mommy. He is such a good daddy. You will really like him.

Mommy started to feel better and her belly started to grow. I can see now that you are growing inside of her. Mommy used to ask me if I wanted a baby brother or a baby sister. Right from the very beginning I always said that you were going to be a baby boy. A few weeks later, mommy and daddy came home very excited from an appointment and showed me pictures of you. I remember saying how silly you looked. I didn’t mean it little brother but your picture kind of made you look like an alien! They told me you were growing big and strong, had a big brain just like me and that we were going to have the whole family over and cut into a cake and see if it had blue icing for a boy or pink icing for a girl. I stopped listening once I heard the word “cake” but I knew you were going to be a boy. The big night came and sure enough the cake was blue! I was so excited that we called all of our family and when they answered the phone I didn’t even let them say “hello”, I just said “baby brother!!!!”

Now that we knew what you were, we were able to plan. Mommy told me your name and I loved it. We went shopping for you, picked out boy clothes, I got some toys for you AND baby brother I am even letting you have some of my toys from when I was a baby. I can’t wait to see you play with them all. Just don’t drool on them too much ok?! I have so many plans for us! Books to read, mudpies to make, food to throw and I will show you how to scream and cry at the top of your lungs to get anything you want! Trust me little brother, it still works for me. I can’t wait to go to Costco with you! The carts are so big and can sit two people. I told mommy and daddy the other day that my brother will be able to sit here with me. They must of thought it was a super cute thing for me to say because mommy teared up a little bit and daddy gave me a high five!

Of course there will be rough times too little bro. I know that you will take some of my toys and I know that when you first get here I won’t really know what to make of you. I won’t like the fact that you are taking all the attention away from me or that you are making mommy so tired…that’s my job! It will be hard for me to get used to the baby cries and I won’t know what to do with myself the first time you poop through your diaper but I will figure it out. Just give me some time ok?

I want you to know that I already love you so much. Ask mommy. Every morning I kiss her belly and I always want to say hello to you. Mommy says only a couple more months to go and then I will be able to meet you and hold you and give you real kisses. I am going to take such good care of you, look out for you, watch over you and make you feel so loved. I will teach you so many things little brother, you will teach me things too and we will go on so many adventures…we will be unstoppable together. Watch out world, here we come!

Love your big sister Isla.

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