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Book Review: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Sometimes you read a book that literally takes over your life for a few days. This was that book for me except it wasn’t a few days, it was 24 hours; that’s how long it took me to read this book. It was so hard to put down! As I was reading it I would take pictures of certain passages throughout the book that were just eye opening moments and text my sister and mom the amazing things I was reading. Needless to say that they are excited to read it too and on a side note it would make a great gift for anybody

About the Author

Marie Kondo has devoted most of her life to the study of tidying and organization. She has made a name for herself and created the acclaimed KonMari method that has helped to revolutionize homes and lives all over the world. In Japan, she has a 3 month waiting list of clients who want her help. Her devotion to helping people is amazing and she is always trying new techniques to perfect her skills.

What is the book about?

To sum it up, it’s about getting the clutter in your life in order. It’s about how to really organize all of your things and to only keep the things that bring you true joy! Doing this will allow you to always have a clean and organized home where everything has its place. This book really opens your mind as to what is important. There are also many examples throughout the book where clients of Marie Kondo’s have completely changed their lives after having her come into their home. A small example was a client being able to breathe easier because of less junk and dust, another client quit her job and followed a dream she always had of being a designer, another just felt happier about life in general because everything in her home was now in order and that now incorporated into her life. The greatest thing about all of these stories and her clients is that she has never had someone come back and ask her for help again because every single person has loved the transformation so much; so why would they want to go back to their old ways again?! Her clients are happier, literally lighter in more ways than one and are only surrounding themselves with things that bring them pure joy and happiness. People will think twice about every day purchases and will continue to only have things that they feel are truly necessary.

How this book helped me

I have always considered myself a pretty organized person. There have been times in my life where that may not be true but now that I look back those were also times in my life where I had no idea who I was, where the heck I was going or even had a remote idea of what I was going to do with my life. It was chaos and the way I was living probably reflected that. In fact I know that it did.

Here is one key passage that really hit me.

“Up to now, I believed it was important to do things that added to my life, so I took seminars and studied to increase my knowledge. But through your course on how to put my space in order, I realized for the first time that letting go is even more important than adding.”

For some reason that really stuck with me. Of course it’s important to always be learning and creating but I think the bigger picture to focus on is simplicity and letting things go before adding more in. Only then can you really figure out what is important to you.

There were many other things that stood out to me in this book but mostly it’s helped me get rid of things I haven’t really wanted to part with but knew in the back of my mind that I did not need to keep it around collecting dust. In the last week we have put together 8 boxes for donation and already the things around me are a little clearer! I am so excited to read the follow-up to this book and it’s called “Spark Joy” and provides more of an illustrated guide about how to keep your home tidy. If you need me, I will be in my room fully immersed in this book!

Have you read this book?! What are you thoughts on it? Please comment below.

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