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Our Family Day Long Weekend

I feel like a new women as I am writing this post. My parents came down and picked up Isla last Thursday. Dana and I have been child free for 4 whole days! I mentioned to my mom a few weeks back that I have been feeling very run down. Being pregnant, battling a never ending cold and not sleeping at all has really affected me and I told my mom I felt I needed a little bit of a break. The wonderful people that they are gave us just that and right now I am feeling like a new women. The last 4 days I have slept in and caught up on some sleep, relaxed and caught up on a lot of TV shows, Dana and I were able to spend some time together which included movie nights, going out to eat, running a ton of errands and spending some time at Home Depot and picking out things for some upcoming home renos we are doing. We had a lot of fun together and were able to reconnect a bit more and remember that we are husband and wife. It was much needed.

This morning (Family Day here in Canada) Dana and I waited anxiously for Isla to return home. My parents brought her back around lunch time and we were so excited to see her. She gave us some big hugs and smiles and told us all about the great time she had at Nannie and Gramps’ house and how she went to the movies and to church and got to see her great grandparents. My parent’s said that she was such a good girl all weekend. She was so polite, had lots of fun and slept in her own bed. She only cried for me once and made the most of her time there. It is so comforting to know the bond she has with them and that I know they take the best care of her.

We spent Family Day indoors as the windchill here in Ontario is brutal right now and we watched some Bubble Guppies, made ice cream sundaes with Play-Doh, painted our nails and baked banana bread. My dad and Dana were able to start and finish putting in new flooring in our basement and do some upgrades to the bathroom. All in all it was a perfect holiday Monday with the best mixture of relaxation and getting things done!

How was your weekend? I hope you were able to make the most of it!

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