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All The Lies I Told My Daughter This Weekend About Chocolate

I will be the first to admit that I am a chocoholic so to have my daughter asking me for a chocolate Easter egg and saying to her “this doesn’t taste very good honey” is a big fat lie! Obviously I don’t want my 2 and a half year old filling up on junk food and chocolate but I also wanted to treat her a tiny bit this Easter. I made her a few plastic eggs that had some jelly beans in it and a couple of chocolate eggs. All she needed was to taste those eggs and she was hooked! Friday night at our place was spent hiding every last bit of chocolate and candy I could find and warning my family to make sure everything was hidden by the time we got to their house on Saturday morning.

I told Isla a lot of lies this weekend about the Easter bunny and all things that come along with this holiday. I really hope I am not alone here!

Isla: Mommy I see a chocolate Easter bunny on the table. Can we share it?
Me: No honey that’s not a chocolate bunny. It’s wooden and it gets taken outside to the backyard when the snow melts.

Isla: I want more chocolate!!!
Me: All the chocolate is gone Isla. The Easter bunny only brings 3 chocolates each year so every kid is able to have some chocolate too.

Isla: I don’t want to brush my teeth!
Me: If you don’t brush your teeth they will all fall out on the floor and you won’t have anymore teeth left to eat your chocolate eggs next year.

Isla: Mommy what did you just put in your mouth?
Me: (sneaking Cadbury eggs in my mouth) Kale chips, would you like some?
Isla: Yuck! I don’t like Kale!

Isla: Where did my Kinder Eggs go from Nana and Papa?
Me: Marley (the dog) ate them. I left them on the counter and he jumped up and got them.
Isla: Oh. Is that why he’s sleeping? He ate too much chocolate?

Isla: Will Nannie and Gramps have chocolate for me when we get to their house?
Me: I don’t think the Easter bunny knows where they live Isla. We will have to wait till we get back to our house.

Isla: Mommy we are back at our house. Did the Easter bunny come with chocolate for me?
Me: The Easter bunny just called Isla and he got lost finding our place. He will come next year ok?

Isla: Do you and Daddy eat candy?
Me: No baby we don’t. We only eat fruit, vegetables and rice cakes. That’s why we are big and strong!
Isla: I want to be big and strong too!
Me: Well eat your Kale chips!
Isla: No! I don’t like Kale!

Please tell me I am not the worst parent ever! Comment below if you have told your kids any white lies recently!

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