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Our (Unchocolatey) Easter Weekend

This past weekend was wonderful! So great in fact that I took off an extra few days and I don’t plan on going back to work until tomorrow! 

Dana and I had some time to ourselves so we did what any normal couple would do! I dragged him to Chapters to help me pick out a few things and then I made him to take his pregnant wife to a place that offered potato skins and poutine! It made this momma happy!

Friday we had my in laws over for Easter Dinner! Dana did what he does best and cooked us up a delicious meal. I was excited to set up my Easter table and Isla was happy to see everyone. I knew she would be getting some chocolate but I was not prepared for the extent she would take her love for chocolate! She’s never really been given it before and I think the second it hit her lips she had some thoughts like “hmmm mommy told me rice cakes were delicious but these don’t taste like rice cakes. This is what yummyness truly tastes like!” Isla discovered chocolate in every crevice of the house and after hiding every last bit of it, watching her scream bloody murder for hours, rolling around and jumping in bed till midnight, and having a questionable poop, I decided it was best to tell my side of the family who we were travelling to see to make sure every last bit of chocolate was either eaten or hidden by the time we got there. Luckily they took what I said seriously and Isla didn’t see a single trace of it all weekend. Us adults may of had to sneak bites of Cadbury cream eggs when she wasn’t looking but hey you do what you have to do!

Sunday, Isla got her Easter baskets from family which included new clothes for spring and everything she will need to enjoy the outdoors this summer! We went to church, came back to my parents and had some brunch, chatted and relaxed the afternoon away and then had a massive prime rib dinner with both sides of my family (28 of us!) to celebrate Easter and a lot of March birthdays which included my little sister turning 27 on the 27th; Easter Sunday! We filled up on food, made bets on when people thought baby boy would make his appearance and made our way home last night.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your family! 


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