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Pregnancy Series {Day #4} How To Prepare Your Child For A Sibling

Well, it’s the last day of my Pregnancy Series and I want to discuss something very important…preparing your child for the day you bring home their new baby brother or sister. There is so much excitement and getting things ready for a new little one and a lot of times the older sibling(s) feelings and thoughts about the whole process can be forgotten or ignored…totally not on purpose but it can happen. I think that it is so important to involve them in all aspects of baby’s arrival.

Here are 6 things that we are doing to prepare Isla for her baby brothers impending arrival into the world. Whether they will actually work or not will be determined but I think they all stand a very good chance in making things a little bit easier on her.

  1. Get them involved. This can mean a lot of things but to me it’s all about getting them to help out with anything baby related. When we go shopping for baby boy I get Isla to pick out sleepers and clothing for him. She comes home all excited showing everyone what she got for him. She helped me take all of her baby toys out of storage and we went through them all together and she picked out the ones that she wanted him to be able to play with. We talk about him a lot as if he is right here with us. We ask her questions about things she wants to do with him and how she will help him out when he comes. She gets so excited about it and it makes me so happy!
  2. Install the car seat. This will help them get use to the fact that the new baby will soon be sitting with them in the back seat, not to mention it gets me prepared and ready for the fact that there will be 2 kids to watch back there instead of one.
  3. Read them books about it. This by far has been the best for Isla. Her favourite is “I’m A Big Sister”Β and she wants to read it every night. She talks about how she is going to help with the diapers and play with baby brother and help him to sleep. It’s the sweetest thing and I truly believe that she understands what her roll is. She is a very mothering child to begin with and I know that watching over her little brother is something that she is most excited for.
  4. Give them a special day before baby comes. I think that it is really important to plan a fun day together as a family before baby is born and also for mommy to spend some one on one time with each child. Have conversations with them, let them know how much you love them and give them something special to remember the day. Isla and mommy are going to have a fun shopping day together, have some lunch and cap it off with some fun spent at the book store!
  5. Have family around the day baby comes to let the older sibling(s) know that they are not forgotten. I know that a lot of attention will be focused on baby boy and the last thing I want to happen is Isla to feel left out already. I want people around giving her lots of love and high fives and making it known how proud and excited for her they are that she is now a big sister. I also have a little something for her that baby brother is going to give her as a big sister present!
  6. Do some belly bonding. Isla definitely knows that there is a baby in there and she is constantly touching it saying things like “oh there is baby’s foot.” I sit down with her daily and she rubs my belly, tries to hear for sounds and gives it a kiss every morning. That compassion she shows really makes me excited for the moment she meets him. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it.

I know that doing all of these things won’t completely make the transition fool proof but I am convinced it will help out a lot. Just by talking about it and making it known that a big change is happening won’t leave them completely unprepared, scratching their heads and wondering what the heck just happened.

Any other tips you can give me? Comment below.

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