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The Nightly Bedtime Excuses of a Toddler : Brought To You By Isla

I really don’t understand where my great sleeper went too. Isla was always a baby who slept through the night. Even after she turned one, bedtime was something she looked forward too. Once you mentioned it, she had her lovey in her hand, she was picking out books to read in the rocking chair and she was ready to call it a night.

Fast forward to present day and I don’t know what the heck happened?! Her struggle with sleep started right before Christmas. We thought moving her into a big girl bed would help but not so much. She has been sleeping with us for a while and right now I am ok with it because being 8 months pregnant, I am trying to get all the sleep I can!

The last few nights have really been fun with her not falling asleep until 11pm most nights and the 3 or 4 hours leading up to that are filled with every excuse in the book! The stuff this child is coming up with makes me laugh out loud.

Mommy I want cold water with ice cubes.
Mommy I want milk.
Mommy I want to watch Bubble Guppies.
Mommy can I have my socks on?
Can you open the door wider?
I want a big hug and kiss.
I want my cat pajamas on instead.
I’m wet.
Mommy I farted.
Mommy take away my blanket.
Mommy I need my blanket.
I’m wet (for the record she is never wet).
I want books.
Can I have my purple lovey instead?
I want pancakes.
Can Marley come sleep with me?
I want to go for a walk.
Honey Nut Cheerios please.
I’m wet.
Can you change my bum.
Another big hug mommy.
Can I sleep on the floor mommy?
What are you wearing mommy?
Can I have a bath?
Can you close the curtains?
Turn the lights off.
Turn the lights on.
I’m wet.

What’s the meaning of life mommy????????

Right now, this is the story of my life. Trying to get a few hours of sleep while getting the odd kick to the face. Trying to answer all the questions my little one has about anything of everything and most importantly making sure she knows that mommy is always there no matter what…even if she never sleeps like a baby again!

What excuses has your little ones come up with lately?! Share below!

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