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Toddler Girl Easter Basket for Under $20

Easter is just around the corner! Literally this week! We are hosting dinner this year at our home on Good Friday and then making our way to my parent’s for the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t be more excited for some good food, family time and hopefully an Easter Egg Hunt with Isla if weather permits. Praying for a sunny weekend!

This year I made a promise to myself to keep Isla’s basket simple and cheap. I decided to try my hand at the Dollar Tree and Dollar Store and see if I could find some items there for her basket that she would love and wouldn’t break the bank. My main goal was to keep the basket under $20 and I succeeded coming in under budget by a whole dollar! Best of all, everything in the basket are things she will actually use/needs. I also did not buy any chocolates or treats for it because she doesn’t need it and two it would just get eaten by yours truly if it was kept in the house for any length of time.

Here are all the fun things going into Isla’s Easter basket: a painting apron, a puzzle, stickers, an Easter book, princess comb, sidewalk chalk, crayons, hair accessories, cool light up toothbrushes and a fun Easter straw cup…and yes all for under 20 bucks!

I also purchased some plastic eggs for the hunt that I am going to fill with more hair accessories and a few candies here and there. I know she will have fun searching for them!

What are your plans for Easter and what do you baskets look like this year?!

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