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Review: Kidloland Children’s App

Disclaimer: This app was sent to me and was paid for by the company in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

I love apps! As an adult I am constantly hearing of new apps that promise to make your life easier, more fun and more colourful! Some stay and some go. I have a few apps set aside on my phone for Isla. Some are for me to keep track of all things baby and others are specifically for her to help her learn, keep her occupied when I desperately need it, or be creative. There are so many apps out there that it can be extremely daunting as to what ones are valuable and what ones aren’t. When Kidloland reached out to me about trying it out, I knew Isla would be the perfect tester.

A Few Things About The App

It costs $39.99 (US) for a years subscription. There is a free trial to test out the waters but it will not allow you access to all of the content that makes this app so great! Most toddler and kid apps offer a little bit of one thing but then nothing of another so you are left downloading multiple apps in order to get the information you want. Kidloland will help your little ones learn the ABC’s, fruits, vegetables, animals and shapes with help from stories and fun and interactive songs! There are over 240 rhymes and songs and nearly 100 activities for your toddler to enjoy and learn.

Featured are some classic nursery rhymes and songs, lullabies, shapes, months of the year, games and even a section devoted entirely to Christmas songs! Within each section, there are multiple sub sections that allow you to download specific things you want to learn so it’s not taking up tons of space on your phone when things aren’t being used.

The bright colours, movements, voices and music make the app a lot of fun and easy to navigate even for a little one. Yes it has a price tag and there are lots of other free apps out there but it can potentially replace a multitude of apps on your phone and after watching Isla use it, it totally is worth the upfront cost. She loves it, enjoys singing along with the songs and discovering all sorts of new things! The only thing I would want added to the app would be a colouring area where the child is able to colour in shapes or draw their own pictures. Other then that it’s a win in my books!

If you download the app, please comment below and tell me what you think about it and what your little one loves the most!

Review- Kidloland App


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