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I am convinced that the reason Nash was late is because he heard a lot of me raising my voice and telling Isla “Don’t do this and don’t do that” while he was inside the womb. He did not want to come out because let’s face it, I think he was scared and didn’t want to hear my voice anymore than he had to or hear his sister scream bloody murder and tell me all the things that she was not going to do and doing all of the things that she is not supposed to do.

I don’t have to tell you all that raising a toddler is tough and if you don’t have a toddler yet, or can’t remember what it was like having a toddler, I can pretty much 100% guarantee that you will go through the same thing and wonder why people do it two, three, even four or five times. I feel like right now all I do is say the word DON’T!

“Isla don’t poke your brother!”
“Don’t squeeze his hand so tight!”
“Don’t poke his head!”
“Don’t put marker on him!”
“Don’t pick him up Isla!”
“Don’t put your boogers on your shirt!”
“Don’t throw your food!”
“Don’t hit Marley!”
“Don’t lick the windows!”

I swear that if I have to say the word DON’T again I will start yelling it in my sleep! In a sense I feel like a bad mom. Why do I have to keep repeating myself?! Shouldn’t she get it the first time? Is there something wrong with me? Is there something wrong with her? Am I just doing everything wrong as a parent? For every day that’s good and Isla seems to be listening and using her manners, the next day seems to take a step back and I feel that all I am doing is yelling “don’t do this and don’t do that!” For every 5 minutes of please and thank yous, there is 5 minutes of screaming no’s and slamming of doors. I often wonder what Nash thinks listening to it all go down.

I guess this is all par for the course. Some days will be a breeze and other days will be cause for me wanting to drink wine at noon. Lucky for Isla she is super cute, says things that literally make me laugh my butt off and as much as I feel I am always saying “don’t” way to much I suppose it could always be worse. Saying that one little word means that she is trying new things so I can’t fault her for that! I just told her “don’t hug your brother so tight, he’s only little” so I must be doing something right!  What is a challenge you are experiencing this week in motherhood? Comment below.

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