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Christmas Gifting & New Traditions


It’s the first day of November and you know what that means?! Less than 2 months until Christmas! Yes, I am that annoying girl who has completed the majority of her shopping and is already thinking about what holiday movie we will be watching first! #sorrynotsorry. While making up my shopping list a while back, it got me thinking about new traditions and gift buying. Now that we have two kiddos, this will be the perfect year to start the traditions that we want to do with our kids every holiday season.

For the past 2 months, I have been doing a major purge of our home. It’s hard to believe that we just moved 4 months ago. There were so many things that we should have gotten rid of initially but figured we would eventually use them. In a new home you see things differently so we have made about a half a dozen trips to Bibles for Mission and dropped off tons of boxes. Included in these items were lots of kids toys. We have been striving for a more simple and minimalist approach to how we live and for most families, toys become more of a nuisance than anything. I donated a lot of things that Isla has literally never touched, kept some baby items for Nash and then Isla and I sat down and went through her toys together. We talked about donating and how there are kids that don’t have any toys and if you have anything you would like to give to someone that needs it then she should. She thoughtfully went through a bunch of her toys and set aside her own pile. She was so proud of herself and so was I.

With Christmas always comes a lot of new toys and after going through so many things, noticing what Isla actually plays with and realizing that she is happiest with crayons, crafts and glue, my husband and I both came to the conclusion that we are going to have a thoughtful Christmas and not buy a bunch of random things “just because.”

We have gone through a few Christmas tradition and gift buying scenarios. December 1st the kiddos will get a new pair of Christmas pyjamas to wear and a Christmas book to read. We know we want to have a gift from Santa for each child and stockings for us all. We would also like to include a family gift that would give us something fun to do as a family like a day trip to some place exciting or a new board game. Lastly, gifts will be limited to: something they want, something they need, something to read, something to create, something to experience and something to give. This way they are getting a variety of useful items, things they will get to do like taking swimming lessons AND gifting something to an organization so other children can have something under the tree Christmas morning.Β Another type of gifting idea that has also appealed to me after doing a bit of research was to give 3 gifts to symbolize the 3 that Baby Jesus got from the Wisemen was he was born. I think that is such a great idea and the perfect way to further incorporate the true meaning of Christmas into our child’s lives. From there, those 3 gifts could be anything. 3 toys, 3 pairs of pants, 3 new books or whatever else you may choose.

Either way, tons of gifts or not, Christmas should be an enjoyable time of year and not where it is a constant stress about what to buy, so take advantage of this fun printable below. Print it out and have your kids write down exactly what they would like for Christmas. Don’t forget to send it off to Santa!



My Christmas List Printable

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