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10 New Years Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

I always look forward to a new year. There is something so special, fresh and exciting about it. I feel unstoppable and like any dream I have is totally within reach. I usually don’t sit down on December 31st and right down all of my resolutions and everything that I must start doing in 2017. It just seems unrealistic and silly because I know darn well that my resolution of eating less sugar will be short lived when I pour my first cup of coffee on New Year’s Day. Instead, I look back on the year and think about things that I would like to improve on or goals that I would like to have accomplished by a certain time frame. Much more manageable for yourself and less stressful.

In the new year I have so many goals and business dreams I want to achieve but most importantly I want myself to be a huge priority. Day after day, month after month, us moms work our butts off keeping our homes and family lives running smoothly and we always forget about ourselves. I have a secret for you though. Whenever we are happy, focusing on things that make us feel good and taking care of ourselves physically and mentally, we are better moms!

10 New Years Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

1.Make Time For Yourself – I don’t just mean going to the bathroom on your own. I mean, telling your husband “see you in a few hours,” and going out on your own and doing something for you and something that you truly enjoy. Put it in your calendar for once a week. Get a pedicure, go shopping, sit in Starbucks and people watch, take a course, or go grab lunch with your girlfriend. Do something just for you and do it often. Promise yourself you will do this. There is nobody that needs it more then you so make the time and put it at the top of your priority list.

2. Get Up Before Everyone Else – Now before you tell me I am crazy, listen. I realize there are seasons and times in your life when this is just not possible. Your baby still wakes multiple times in the night or you simply are just better at night then you are during the day. For whatever the reason, this may not be for you. However, if you do feel like your mornings always start off on a crazy and chaotic foot, try waking up even 20 minutes before everyone else. Make yourself a cup of coffee, write down your to do list, read a devotion, answer emails, meditate, change out of your pyjamas, put on some mascara, or simply sit in silence and look out the window. Trust me when I say that your mornings will change dramatically just by giving yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to yourself. Now, you are able to wake your kids up in the morning instead of them waking you up by screaming and tugging at you every day.

3. Eat Right and Drink More Water – This always seems like the most obvious thing ever but it’s still hard. Your day gets going and your whole focus is getting your kids fed and happy. A mom usually ends up eating what’s leftover on their kids plate and then eats chips while the kids are napping because she doesn’t have the energy to make herself anything substantial. This is an every day battle for me but that is going to change. With a little prep and organization, healthy meals are going to be as simple as taking them out of the fridge and heating them up. Drinking more water is also a top priority and I need to always make sure I have a full water bottle on the go at all times. Food and drink are the key to more energy, better mood and a great nights sleep.

4. Get Active – I know with being a mom we are always toddler wrangling, cleaning and bending up and down to pick toys up off of the floor. This does count as exercise yes, but try to make it a point to get your heart really pumping and taking in some real physical activity even 3 times a week. Take a run after the kids go to bed, join a volleyball league or a gym. Even a fun game of “Catch Mommy” will do the trick.

5. Invest In Yourself – It is so funny to me how I won’t think twice about spending $30 on a cute sweater for my daughter but I will second guess spending that amount on a new book for myself that will teach me something! Moms always put things they want or need on the back burner. Let’s stop doing this! If our kids get to take soccer lessons, then allow yourself that photography class you have always wanted to take.

6. Plan and Organize For The Coming Week – Give yourself a few minutes on Sunday morning and write down your weekly goals, to-dos, look at your calendar, do your grocery shopping and prep some food for the week ahead. This weekly ritual may take a bit of time when you first get started but it does get easier and it will set your whole week up to run more smoothly.

7. No More Mom Guilt – As moms, we put so much pressure on ourselves. Everything always has to be perfect, clean and put together. We need to be with our kids all the time and if we aren’t organizing playdates, crafting days and outdoor excursions then we are failing. So what if your child watches too much TV one day, stays up late the next night or has ice cream for breakfast. Trust me when I say that you are enough, you are doing enough and in the end the single most important thing that your child will ever remember are moments with you and the love they feel from you every single day.

8. Find A Mom Friend – When you start school you are making friends, in college you make new friends and at a new job you are trying to make friends. You don’t think you have to worry about it too much in adulthood but in realty if you surround yourself with wonderful people there are only good things that will come out of that. Motherhood is beautiful and fun and rewarding but it can also be lonely. Make it a point to reach out and say hello to the next mom you see. You never know, you may end up being great friends.

9. Learn To Say NO – We always have so many things going on. Parties, dinners, kids activities, adult activities…it’s exhausting. This year, try not to focus on piling so many things on your schedule. Your kids may not be able to tell you yet that they just want to stay home but too much running around is not good for them either. Relax this year, focus on yourself and your family and adopt the mantra that less is truly more!

10. Limit Social Media/Screen Time – Every day we focus on how much time our kids are spending on iPads and in front of the TV but really, adults should be limiting screen time just as much, if not more. We are always aimlessly scrolling through our phones, reading depressing articles and comments, comparing ourselves to perfectly put together moms on Instagram and missing out on everything around us. Make it a point to put down your phone. Leave it in another room so you won’t be tempted to pick it up and watch whats going on right in front of you.

Hopefully this post has inspired you! Wishing you all the best in 2017!

10 New Years Resolutions Every Mom Should Make

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