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6 Ways To Reuse Christmas Cards

It happens every year. You begin to pack up your Christmas decorations while crying into a tissue and come across all of the beautiful holiday cards people sent you. What do you do with them? Most likely you keep them on display for a little while and then they get stored away because you think you will find something to do with them OR they get thrown in the trash because you know deep down you will never do anything with them. It always seems like such a waste of those gorgeous Christmas cards that people have spent time sending to you. There are some easy and non time consuming things that you can do to repurpose these holidays cards so that they may have a second life.

6 Ways To Reuse Christmas Cards

  1. Make Your Own Gift Tags – This is the easiest way to reuse the cards. Cut out squares, rectangles, cute shapes or if you are really creative, Christmas balls or trees. Next year you will have some beautiful and unique gift tags for your gift wrapping.
  2. Christmas Tree Ornaments – We have a few little trees scattered around the house over the holidays. Instead of buying extra ornaments, cut out Christmas cards, put a hole in the top and hang with a cute red ribbon. So easy and classic!
  3. Garland – This is a fun DIY and something that your kids can get involved with also. Cut out fun shapes or if you have a cute hole punch, even better. String them all together with some fun twine and you have instant decor for just about any area of your home.
  4. Decorate Plain Christmas Bags – If you use lots of paper bags for gift giving, why not cut out the front of a Christmas card and attach it to the front of a bag? Super easy to spruce up a plain bag.
  5. Frame Cards – If you have a card that’s really beautiful that you don’t want to part with, why not use it in a frame? Year after year you can bring it out with your other holiday decor to hang on the wall or add to your mantle.
  6. Confetti – Everything is always better with confetti am I right?! Use scissors or a hole punch to cut out your cards and use the confetti to decorate your Christmas table or to add into your current family holiday cards you will be sending out. When they open the envelope they will be greeted with some fun Christmas confetti!

If you think of any other ways to reuse your Christmas cards, please let me know!

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