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10 Reasons My Three-Year-Old Had A Hard Day

Whoever said that a two-year-old was terrible, they are lying y’all! I think that the “terrible twos” are a myth and really it’s the three-year-olds that you have to look out for! My daughter is right in the throws of her third year and let me tell you that more often than not, our days usually start and end with some type of crying fit. Isla is a stubborn and independent girl. She wants to do it all by herself and wants to be the best at everything. Put all of those traits into an already emotional and growing 3-year-old and some days I am left wondering what the heck am I doing wrong?!

10 Reasons My Three-Year-Old Had A Hard Day

  1. I gave her the wrong cup. You read that right. I gave her blue, she wanted red and meltdown city 2017 happened right there on the kitchen floor.
  2. Her spoon was not correctly positioned in her cereal. I put it on the right side when apparently the left side is how you eat cereal correctly. And no she is not a lefty.
  3. I flushed the toilet by mistake. I helped Isla go to the washroom and when we were done my instinct was to flush the toilet. Oh boy! I will never do that again. Cue the crocodile tears.
  4. I sneezed. Apparently, she wanted to sneeze first but I took that away from her.
  5. I did not put conditioner in her hair correctly. I should have put it on the bottom and not the top. Whatever that means?!
  6. Marley our dog barked at the mailman. Isla wanted to be the one that barked because “that’s what little girls do!” Isla did not want to give Marley a treat after that happened.
  7. I did not cut her cucumber correctly and too much skin was left on it when I peeled it. You would think she would get over it. She still hasn’t.
  8. I got to the bottom of the stairs first. I should know by now that she is always the winner. I won’t forget the next time because I’m pretty sure the whole neighbourhood knows now that she wins everything. A few huffs, puffs and screams and she has finally let it go.
  9. I sang the theme song to “Paw Patrol” wrong. I won’t do that again. Now I know the correct words. She was not happy I ruined her song.
  10. I skipped a couple of pages in her book by accident…maybe. I didn’t realize she has every book memorized.

Anything, and I do mean anything can set off a 3-year-old. Take a deep breath, maybe have a little chuckle and remember that “this too shall pass.”

Why did your little one have a bad day? Comment and let me know!

10 Reasons My Three-Year-Old Had a Hard Day

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