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Nash’s 6-10 Month Update and Baby Favourites

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Finally! A few months late but I had to do a quick summary of sweet Nash. I did not forget about his updates but if you have a second or third kid, you know how it is.

6 – 10 Month Update and Favourites

The Stats:

Weight: 17.5lbs
Clothes: 9 and 12-month clothing
Diapers: Huggies Little Movers Plus in size 3

Health: A couple of colds and a stomach bug over the winter but he got through everything quickly and dealt with it like a champ.

Sleep: Nash is great at sleeping in his crib and falling asleep on his own. Naptime is usually pretty consistent with two naps a day. We will be transitioning to one nap in the next month as he doesn’t really seem to need the morning one anymore. Nighttime was always a little rough as he would wake up multiple times to feed but recently he has started sleeping through the night!

Likes: Nash likes playing, reading books, throwing things, being around his sister, singing and screaming. He enjoys stroller walks to pick up his sister from daycare and likes being around other kids. He likes exploring around the house and his favourite activity is still nursing. He is also obsessed with our dog Marley but he has yet to give Nash the time of day.

Dislikes: He doesn’t like when his sister roars at him and he will scream and cry if anything is taken away from him while he is playing.

Milestones:  There are so many things! He is crawling, sitting up and starting to pull himself up on things. He has finally gotten really interested in food and now sits down to eat with us and enjoys pretty much everything we give him, especially our Saturday morning pancakes!

Social: Nash is a sweet boy. He’s pretty quiet, laid back and doesn’t fuss too much. He’s very aware of his surroundings and you can tell he is always trying to figure things out. Getting him to smile is hard work, but when he starts, it’s hard to stop him. He also does the sweetest little nose crinkle I have ever seen!

Here are some of our baby favourites from the last few months. A sleep sack because of the cold winter weather. The entire “That’s not my” series because we have another major book lover on our hands. This Fisher Price stacking toy, Melissa and Doug stacking cars and stacking rubber blocks. This kid loves to stack and chew on everything. Lastly, this banana teether is an awesome invention. He loves to chew so it does triple duty by massaging his gums and brushing his teeth.

6-10 Month Baby Favourites

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