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4 Things To Do When Motherhood Has Kicked Your Butt

Every night, when I fall into bed, either one of two thoughts go through my head. “Wow, Melissa! You were on fire today. You’ve got this mommy thing down!” or “Motherhood just kicked my butt today.” At the end of some days, you feel accomplished, incredibly happy, relaxed and that you doing a great job raising these tiny humans. Other days, you feel like you yelled way too many times and allowed your kids to many hours in front of the tv. Whether we like to admit it or not, some days are better than others and some days we can’t wait for our kids to go to bed! Did I just admit that?! When the teeth are brushed, the books are read and the kisses have been given, close their doors, do your happy dance and know that tomorrow will be better.

4 Things To Do When Motherhood Has Kicked Your Butt

Do Something For Yourself

Whether it’s prepping a healthy breakfast that will be ready to go for the next morning, taking a hot bubble bath, watching reality TV or sipping a bottle glass of wine to yourself in silence, do something for you and only you.

Call Your Mom Or A Friend

There is nothing better than a phone call to your mom or best friend to make you feel better and that you are winning at life. Talk to each other and laugh out loud. We all know that laughter is the best medicine.

Get Out Of The House

When days are tough after the kids are tucked into bed for the night, leave the house. Go for a drive, take a walk, or go do your grocery shopping. I always find my mind and body are reset after I leave the house for an hour. When I come back, everything always seems to be in a new light.

Watch Your Little Ones As They Sleep

There is nothing that puts life into perspective like a quietly, sleeping babe. No matter how hard the day has been, I always spend a few moments looking at my kids while they sleep. All of the crying and temper tantrums seem to melt away from my mind when I watch them sleep. Their peacefulness makes me feel peaceful and I am reminded why this motherhood gig is so sweet.

What do you for yourself at the end of a challenging day? Let me know in the comments.

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