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Five Things To Purge Right Now To Make Motherhood Simpler

You have read about me discussing this time and time again, but the less things you have to do, the more time you have to be in the moment, make memories with your kids and do things that really make you happy and feel content. Wanting to do less doesn’t make you a lazy person. It makes you a person who doesn’t want life passing you by. It makes you someone who knows the importance of memories and not things. It makes you a person who wants to feel fulfilled every day, instead of feeling like all you do is clean and organize and clean again. Having less ultimately leaves you with so much more, so below are five things to purge right now to make motherhood simpler.

Five Things To Purge Right Now To Make Motherhood Simpler

The kid’s dishes

Take a look in your cupboards and drawers. Do you really need 10 plastic plates, 15 cups and 8 bowls for 2 kids? I don’t and I’m sure you don’t even need them if you have 4 kids. Having more dishes just makes more work for you. When your kids have multiple cups at their disposal, every new drink will require a new cup, thus making your sink full of barely used dishes. If each kid has their own designated cup for water and milk, they are more conscious about finishing the drink up and not being wasteful. They know that they can’t have more or something different until their cup is emptied. It has been a great test for our family and has motivated us to also do it with the dishes that my husband and I use.

Broken toys

You know that pile of toys that you have been meaning to fix? Let me tell you a little secret. If it’s been more than a month, they won’t get fixed. Do yourself a favour and toss them now. You will feel lighter and you won’t have to argue with your kids every time they pick up that toy that’s STILL missing the right wheel.

Stained and torn clothing

I have been keeping all of my daughter and sons clothing. Whether we have another child or not, I wanted to save things to donate or sell but I was keeping things that were stained and really worn out. A spot here and there is fine but I was recently going through my daughter’s old clothing and I have no idea why I was keeping some of the items I was. They were taking up space, no one would ever buy them, and I would never put them on a potentially new addition to our family. Toss them and free up that space.

Kids artwork

This is a tricky one but one that you need to figure out a system for now, to save you a lot of time and space in the future. You truly don’t need to keep every piece of art your child brings into the home. First drawings and things like that are important to keep (at least for me) but you really don’t need to be keeping 10 pieces of paper that each have one coloured crayon line down the middle. These end up stacked in piles all over your house. Keep the most important ones to you, all in one spot, categorized by age and then toss the others. Just make sure you toss them far enough in the garbage can so that your kid doesn’t see it sitting there and have a meltdown.

Stuffed animals

How kids can accumulate so many brown teddy bears, I will never know. These fuzzy furballs can create havoc on your simple and easy to clean up play space. They can hide in corners, pop out of play kitchens and can make your little ones bed barely sleepable. They can even scare an unsuspecting momma in the middle of the night into thinking we have a rodent problem. Stuffed animals are not a necessity. They get dirty, aren’t easy to clean and take up a lot of space. If you are super sentimental about them, keep the one your baby got in the hospital the day they were born and the one that your child seems to always carry around and fall asleep with. There is no harm in that, but the ones that are taking up space in the corner, donate.

I hope these tips have been helpful to you. Give them a try and I guarantee you will free up some time in your life.

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