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To Nash On Your First Birthday

Dear Nash,

Tomorrow you will be one. A year ago you quickly made your way into the world and a year ago you completely stole my heart. Seeing you for the first time gave me all the feels. Feelings of pride, joy, and so much love for you baby boy. I knew right away that we would be best friends and that I would do anything to keep you happy and safe. It’s true what they say about a mom and her son; the bond is undeniably beautiful, special, and something I hope will never fade.

This last year has been so special being at home with you. We have laughed, learned, explored, napped, played, and been up at all hours of the night together.

You are asleep now, but it was hard to put you down for the night. I knew that when I woke up, you would no longer be a baby. You would be a toddler, a boy, a little man.

So today, we enjoyed supper a little bit longer than usual, we played with your toys a little bit longer and your bath lasted an hour. We read 3 extra books and then I sang to you longer than I have before because I didn’t want to leave you.

Now, as you are sleeping safely in your bed, I think about the last year and all of the special moments. Our early morning stroller walks, snuggles in bed, playing with your sister, wearing you all around the house just to get stuff done, kissing your cheeks, tickling your chest,Β  and so many unbelievable firsts together, I can’t imagine my life without you. Not even for a second. Every day you make me feel so much love and happiness for life and for you.

As you get older know that each day is a gift, dream big, be kind, love your family, know Jesus, treat the world how you want to be treated and always know that you, my son, are my one of my greatest blessings.

Love always,

First Birthday

first birthday