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Parenting Tips

8 Things You Need To Know About Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Home

This post is in partnership with Savvymom and the Electrical Safety Authority. All opinions expressed are my own. #nosafeshock #ad

It’s happening again. The walking, crawling and touching of everything. The poking, the pulling and throwing of things…breakable things. Only a couple of years have passed since baby proofing began with my oldest, but it seems like a lifetime ago. I forgot how things used to be.

My little guy is now a walking machine and a growing concern and believe me when I say that he is into everything. If it’s got a handle, hole, shelf, cord, or button; you best believe he’s gotten into it or on his way to it as I type this.

electrical safety

My husband and I are taking the exact steps baby proofing the home as we did with our daughter and to be honest it’s pretty minimal. I would never want my kids to hurt themselves if it can be avoided, but I also want them to learn from their mistakes. If everything was locked up and covered up, would I ever hear the beautiful sounds of a pots and pan drum solo? Probably not. We do however take electrical safety very seriously and for good reason. Outlets, cords and appliances are no laughing matter when it comes to little hands and curious minds. Read on for some helpful tips and information to keep your home safe for you and your family.

8 Things You Need To Know About Electrical Safety and Keeping Your Kids Safe in the Home

1. Set a good example 

Your baby or toddler may be little, but you better believe that they are watching everything that you do. Use extra care when you are around outlets and electrical items and use these items properly. You never know who could be watching you.

2. Talk about the dangers 

It’s so important to talk about what you want to teach your little ones. Telling them something that they shouldn’t do isn’t enough. You need to show them things to look out for and how to use electrical items properly.

3. Discuss and look out for potential hazards 

Prevention is key. Replace frayed cords and broken outlet covers right away. If you have more serious electrical issues, only trust the job to a Licensed Electrical Contractor.

4. Keep electrical items away from water 

As a parent we can forget to put our hairdryer away after use, or leave an electric toothbrush in arms reach of our kids. Always unplug after you have used something and put it away for safe-keeping. Curiosity can get the best of your little ones and we all know that water and electricity do not mix. Plus, make sure any outlets that are located near water – like the ones in your bathroom or kitchen – are ground fault circuit interrupters. They’re the ones with the reset button. They help prevent shock.

5. Keep cords out of reach 

Cords are still dangerous even if they aren’t plugged in. Never let your child play with one. They can easily get tangled up or put in their mouth.

6. Teach older kids how to unplug correctly 

My oldest is 4 and we have taught her how to plug and unplug safely. She knows never to yank cords from the wall, put it in the wrong way or overload outlets.

7. Use tamper-resistant outlets 

The easiest and simplest way to prevent electrical-related injury is to install tamper-resistant (TR) receptacles. Whether they are high up, or low to the ground, TR receptacles have shutters that prevent little fingers and objects from getting near the electricity.

8. No shock is safe 

Even the tiniest shock can cause problems. If your child has been shocked, take them to your doctor. Research now shows that even low-voltage shocks can cause long-term effects like pins and needles, numbness, memory loss and anxiety.

Keeping our kids safe is no easy task, but it starts with us, the parents showing them what is right, what is wrong and how to protect themselves. I would love to know the ways that you keep your children safe at home. What do you feel is the most important? How are you teaching your kids? Please let me know your story in the comments below. By doing this, you can help other parents AND have the chance to win a $50 Lowes Gift Card to help make your home the safe haven for your kids that you want it to be.

electrical safety