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Just Say “Yes” Project

Just Say "Yes" Project

Motherhood is tough but it’s beautiful. The days pass by so quickly and suddenly we realize that we are just going through the motions. Day in, day out, the same thing. We are on our phones, watching too much TV, piling things on our to-do lists, side hustling, and thinking about all the things that we should be doing while playing with our kids. About a year ago, I realized that more often than not, I was saying “No” to some of my daughter’s wacky requests and not truly being in the moment with her. I was saying “No” because, well life is busy and I had other things to do. I knew that things had to change and that these moments with my littles ones would be gone in the blink of an eye and I would desperately be trying to get them back.

Along with simplifying our entire home and lives, I decided to challenge myself to 5 whole days of saying “YES” to my daughter whenever she would ask to do something. Of course, I wouldn’t say yes to chocolate right before bed, but the whole point of this was to be in the moment with her, have fun together and for me as a parent to realize that this is truly what life is all about. So, for 5 days straight, I said YES to almost every request. From dancing in the rain to painting our faces to building forts and visiting the park at 7 am, we did it all and it was amazing. I quickly realized that being in the moment with my family was what we all needed. Adulting is hard, so why not forget about it sometimes and run through the sprinkler with your kids.