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5 Ways To Be Productive While Breastfeeding

It’s no secret that bringing home baby means a lot less YOU time. This is what we have signed up for but I don’t think anyone or anything fully prepares you for the endless hours you will be sitting down with a baby attached to your boob; looking at the chaos surrounding you and wondering when you will ever be able to get to folding the pile of clothes that is literally 3 feet in front of you! I had to come to terms with the fact that it would never get done and neither would the dishes. As a mom I think we are wired to feel like we always need to be doing something productive and if we aren’t then we are failing at life. Especially in the early stages of babyhood when the only thing we are catering to is our new little bundle of joy and everything else gets thrown to the wayside.

I have finally learned to embrace the silence and sitting still, knowing that in a few months I will be chasing him around just like I do his big sister. Things are still getting done though. Physically the house may still look like a disaster but behind the scenes things are getting accomplished!

Here are 5 ways to be productive while breastfeeding:

  1. Use your cell phone to pay bills online, delete old pictures on your phone so you never get the dreaded “Cannot take photo” pop up and of course keep up on the gossip and latest headlines by checking social media. It may not seem like much but at least it’s something you can do to pass the time and to keep up on those thousands of photos of your little ones.
  2. Read a book. I always have one with me and in my purse. It seems like the only time I get now to catch up on a favourite read. Keeping one in your purse will also allow you time to read when you are at all of those new baby checkups!
  3. Online shopping. I have bought diapers online, ordered Christmas presents and even groceries all while feeding my kid because we all know it won’t happen any other time.
  4. Learn something new. The amount of courses and learning materials out there on the internet is crazy and the best part is that so many of them are free! Check out YouTube for webinars on something you are interested in or want to learn about. Or find a great podcast to listen to. My current favourite is the Boss Girl Creative Podcast!
  5. Sleep! That’s productive right?! Of course there are things that you can always be doing but in the end try to relax, take a quick catnap and enjoy these special moments with your wee babe because they won’t last forever.

What do you do to pass the time while nursing? Comment below.