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Our Weekend

This weekend we introduced Isla to her first Family Snow Camp experience. It is something held through our church every year up at a beautiful lodge and camping area called Galilee Bible Camp. You get treated to wonderful meals, chapel services and family time. As kids, my sister and I always looked forward to these weekends and I have such fond memories of time spent up there with my family.

When my mom first mentioned it, I immediately thought back to our childhood days and I really wanted Isla to be able to experience it also so we said yes, packed up the car and Isla and I headed out of town early on Friday night. Unfortunately Dana had to work so it was just the two of us. We met my parents at their house, had a quick bite to eat and headed up to camp. Check in was easy breezy and we got settled into our room for the weekend. We headed to chapel to enjoy some singing and Isla headed to nursery. Singing quickly ended when a few minutes later Isla could be heard crying and yelling for mommy. No problem. It was 9pm, we had a long day and we both needed sleep so in our room we went and we were both passed out shortly after 9.

Saturday morning started off early…6am early and Isla wanted to make it known that she was up and ready to have some fun. We headed over to the dining hall for a delicious breakfast, then chapel and free time. I went and took a nap and Isla headed out with her grandparents where she went tobogganing, tubing and got her first experience on an ice rink which she loved! The rest of the day we were treated to more fantastic meals, singing, naps and family time…lots of family time because Isla coulnd’t be bothered to sit still and/or playing with the kids in nursery. She wanted me to herself all day and all night long and got all her enjoyment out of running around like a crazy person and filling up glass after glass with water out of the water cooler. To pry her away from that was a feat all its own.

Sunday came and I was secretly a tiny bit thankful to be going home. We had our breakfast, went to morning meeting, packed up the car, attempted to sing songs with Isla at second service and then had lunch.

Moral of our weekend: I think we all envisioned it a bit differently than what it potentially may have been with a 2 year old. The dreams of her frolicking with her little friends while building a snowman and playing “Ring Around the Rosie” in nursery while myself and my parents could enjoy the chapel services together we’re just not happening this weekend and that’s ok. It was still perfect because you really can’t go wrong and it was awesome to see Isla interact with so many people and go with the flow of all that was new to her.

Until next year Snow Camp!