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Nash’s 1 Month Update and Favourites

The Stats:

Weight: 10lbs, 11oz
Height: 22.5 inches
Clothes: 0-3 and 3 month clothing
Diapers: Just finished up Newborns and now into size 1. Hopefully our cloth ones will fit soon.

Health: Nash is a growing boy! Every check-up he is gaining weight and getting bigger. In the beginning he was experiencing some high levels of jaundice but luckily with lots of nursing, poops and giving him some sunlight, that was able to fix itself. We got the results back from his newborn screening test and all was good there. He has had to have some extra testing for a couple of things and we will hear the results of that this week. Fingers crossed that everything is fine which I feel it is but if you feel like saying an extra prayer tonight then please do! Nash is also eating well. Like, really well. He loves mommy’s milk and he’s not afraid to show it.

Sleep: He is a great napper and can and will sometimes sleep for 5 hour lengths at night.

Likes: Nash loves his mornings to himself. While I am getting Isla ready he will sit in his Rockaroo and look around at the morning chaos. He loves snuggles with daddy and mommy, nursing, car rides, sleeping in his peanut swaddle, bath time, his big sister and looking up at the ceiling fans.

Dislikes: Waiting to be fed, his gassy tummy he experiences at night and having a wet or poopy bum.

Milestones: Β Holding his head up, following movements and starting to smirk and “talk” to people.

Social: Nash is a sweet heart. Obviously too soon to tell but he most definitely loves the presence of his big sister around, likes to be outside and enjoys hearing people have conversations.

nash 1 month update and favs (2)

Munchkin Bath / 4Moms Rockaroo / Comfort & Harmony Peanut Swaddle
Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper / Sleepers / Lulujo Swaddle Blankets

Our favourites this month are a wide range but pretty standard when you have a newborn. The bathtub is the best I have seen or used. It has a plug which is genius so it can be set right on your counter or in the tub and the water can easily be drained. Nash loves when he lays in it and he seems to be very comfortable. Our Rockaroo is the perfect thing to have around if you need two hands or simply have a fussy baby that is craving the swaying motion at a time when you can’t give that comfort to them.The peanut swaddle has been a lifesaver. Isla never wanted to be swaddled but Nash loves it. I am not a fan of using swaddle blankets for the purpose of letting him sleep through the night so I looked around for something that wouldn’t come undone and wouldn’t make me nervous while he was sleeping. This “peanut” makes him feel nice and secure while giving me piece of mind. We use this co-sleeper on nights when Nash just wants to be close to us. It’s relatively small in size and folds up easily to take on sleepovers to Granny and Grandpas if needed. Sleepers are the best invention ever especially in the early days when that’s all they live in and they are constantly pooping and spitting up on themselves. We love these for sleep, travelling and visits to the doctor…or just a Tuesday! Lastly, these swaddle blankets are probably the best ones I have tried yet. They are lightweight, wash up great, have the sweetest patterns and are sooooo soft! I use them for nursing, stroller and car seat covers, to throw down outside for a spot to lay, to cuddle Nash…just about anything! LOVE THEM!

What is one thing you and your baby can’t live without right now? Comment below. I would love to know!

P.S. This whole post was done one handed while nursing Nash! Pretty proud of myself right now!

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