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August 26th, 2013. The day our lives changed forever. The day our sweet baby girl Isla came into this world; 9 days late but who’s counting! August 17th was my due date. That day came and went. During the week, I was feeling pretty good. Not uncomfortable at all. I knew she would come when she was good and ready.

We had an ultrasound and a doctor’s appointment on the 23rd and everything was looking great. We got to see our beautiful baby for the first time in months and got a picture of her face. She was just so beautiful already. She had a cute little nose, beautiful full lips, chubby cheeks and lots of hair. The picture made us even more excited to meet her! We left the hospital that day not knowing if we would have another appointment the following week or not. My husband and I were praying that she would come on her own time and that I wouldn’t have to be induced.

Saturday came and I was still feeling 100%. I spent the whole day and night doing things around the house, hoping that would get something going. Around supper time, I started thinking about something one of my co-workers told me. She said that with both of her babies she ate Chinese food and every time it seemed to kick start her labour. I thought it was worth a try! I ordered some chicken fried rice, chicken balls, egg rolls and sweet and sour spare ribs. It wasn’t the best Chinese I have had but I was hopeful!

Sunday morning I woke up and my day started off a little like this:
7 am – I woke up and right away I knew that something had started. My stomach was a little uncomfortable but nothing major. I was able to fall back asleep.
10 am – I woke up again with the same type of stomach pain but it felt a bit more like cramps. I got up and started to keep track of the cramping which I realized were most definitely contractions.
1 pm – Contractions are still coming on and I notice that they get a bit more intense every 20 minutes, then 15 minutes and eventually every 10 minutes. For some of these I have to get up and walk around and take deep breaths which helped.
4 pm – My husband Dana goes to work. I know that sounds a little crazy but I was feeling fine and knew it would be a while till I had to go to the hospital. We were texting back and forth every half hour so I could keep him updated on how things were going. By 6:30 pm every contraction is exactly 10 minutes apart and I have to get up and walk for every one of them. I tell Dana that they are getting a bit more intense and he is home by 7 pm.
8 pm – Contractions are starting to get more painful and are 8 to 10 minutes apart. Long and deep breaths are really helping me. Walking around at this point is not helping much.
9 pm – My parents and sister show up and at this point contractions are 5 to 8 minutes apart and are very intense. My dad insists that I go to the hospital.
10 pm – We check in at the hospital and the nurses check me out. I am not even 2 cm dilated yet!! We couldn’t believe it. They give me a shot of gravol and morphine and send me home in hopes that I can sleep for a little while.
11 pm – We get home and I try to sleep but the gravol and morphine aren’t helping as much as I would like.
1 am on Monday morning – Contractions at this point are getting very intense and are coming on every 5 minutes like clockwork. I spend the next 4 hours in the baby’s room on the floor leaning over a stack of pillows while moaning and groaning. At some points I feel the need to get up and walk around when a contraction hits but I am soon put in my place and end up back on the floor in pain. This lasts for the next few hours.
5 am – Dana and I decide to go back to the hospital in hopes that I have progressed enough to keep me. We get to the 5th floor of the hospital and they hook me up to monitors and check me out again. I am almost 4 cm at this point. For the next 2 hours they watch me and give me another shot of morphine and gravol. 7:30 am rolls around and 2 nurses come back to check on me. I am still 4 cm. They go to check with the doctor to see if they will be keeping me or sending me home again. I beg for them to keep me!! The morphine at this point is just not enough to keep me sane!
8 am – My nurse comes back and says that they are going to admit me!!!!!!!!!! My husband and I are so happy! This means we will get to meet our baby soon! I am officially admitted at 8:30 am and I am sent to room #1.
9 am – I am hooked up to an IV and given some laughing gas until I am able to get the epidural. The laughing gas worked really well for me. It lessened the pain from my contractions but I was still able to focus.
11 am – The epidural is given to me. It takes about 25 minutes from start to finish. I am surprised that the whole process didn’t hurt at all! The worse thing about it is staying still during contractions and having to bend your neck and keep it bent. By noon the epidural is working. Around 1 pm I start to feel some contractions again so the nurse ups my dosage and I am good to go for the rest of the afternoon. They also break my water. I don’t feel any pain all afternoon and Dana and I were able to take a nap.
3:45 pm – I wake up from my nap with a lot of pressure. I have to take more laughing gas to keep me comfortable. My nurse and a doctor come back in again to check on me and I am 9 cm along and will be able to start pushing shortly. At this point I am so thankful that I have progressed so much. You hear stories about labour coming to a complete stall once you get the epidural.
4:30 pm – My nurse comes back in, empties my bladder and lets me know that I am 10 cm! She stays with me and we start pushing through the contractions together one by one. I am still feeling slight pressure and I can tell when I need to be pushing. She sees the head right away and says that I probably won’t be pushing for too long.
5:45 pm – My nurse pages for everyone to Labour and Delivery! Our baby is coming. I push a couple more times and our baby is born at 6 pm on the nose! They put her on my stomach and we are in awe at how beautiful and perfect she is. I later learned that she came out in the sac and the doctor had to take her out of it. It is very rare for that to happen because it is usually shedded while coming through the birth canal but because she never lost it, it protected her body and head the whole time, so she came out with no markings or bruising.

Dana was given scissors (the dullest scissors ever I might add) and cut the umbilical cord. I was able to hold her for a few minutes while they got me cleaned up. She was so alert and calm and looking right into my eyes. I knew that she knew who I was right away. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. They took her away after a few minutes and cleaned her up and weighed her. She was 7lbs 5oz. absolutely perfect!
At 7:oo pm they took us to our recovery room. What a wonderful experience this was. It sounds weird to say but even after a month I keep reliving that day. Even though it was a bit painful I still feel very blessed with my experience. I feel that I owe it all to my wonderful husband for being so supportive and our families for being there. Our nurse for the day was absolutely wonderful and I don’t think it would have been such a memorable experience if it wasn’t for her.



Thanks for reading.
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