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2 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: I am so happy to say that at Isla’s 2 month check up she was 8lbs 7oz. Phew! We finally got over that 7lbs, 9oz weight and we are so happy.

Health: The doctor says that Isla is thriving! As a mom….and especially a new mom, that’s the best thing you can hear. She also had her 2 month shots. Needless to say we are not looking forward to the 4 months shots but she was a trooper. A few good screams, a red face and holding of the breath and she was fine after that. You would never even know she had her needles. I was a bit worried how she would be the rest of the day but she slept all afternoon and was able to sleep all night too.

Sleep: Isla and I are slowly getting to know eachother and I am starting to figure out some of Isla’s timing, when she likes to eat, when she likes to play and when she likes to nap and sleep. Some evenings, Isla gets quite fussy. I think it’s caused my gas but the earlier I started putting her down at night, the more I noticed that her fussiness didn’t last for long. Now, she is usually asleep by 8pm. I feed her at 7:30, change her into her sleeper and read her a book and put her down. Within 10 minutes she is gone and she usually stays asleep till 2 or 3am and wants to be fed, then she sleeps till about 8am. Some nights her routine works perfectly and other nights she wants nothing to do with it. We are learning though.

Social: She still loves to smile! When I wake up in the morning and I look over at her, I don’t even have to do anything. She just smiles at me right away. It is priceless. We usually spend a few minutes in the morning just looking at eachother and smiling. What a perfect way to wake up everyday! Isla is also really getting into playtime. She notices her toys and music a lot more and gets so excited with smiles and kicks out her legs like crazy and pumps her arms. She is also starting to coo a lot more and I think that any day now we will hear her first laugh.

Diet: We are still exclusively breastfeeding and it is going great. She is still nursing her usual 8 times a day and I am also pumping a couple times a day while she naps so I can maintain my supply and keep some backup milk handy.

Clothes: Isla is now out of newborn clothing and is wearing 0-3 month and 3 month clothing. Carter’s seems to be the brand that fits her the best right now.

Crying: She cries when she is hungry and when her diaper needs to be changed. Lately she just seems to cry for 10 minutes in the afternoon for no reason at all. Generally she is a pretty happy baby. She still has her fits of fussiness in the evenings sometimes but it doesn’t seem to last very long.

Likes: Isla loves her morning playtime on her Bright Starts Petals and Friends Activity Gym. She especially loves the birdie that came with it and the music it plays. She gets so excited and lights up when she hears the tweets! Isla also loves her Lamaze Marina the Mermaid toy. I bought this for her because I heard wonderful things about Lamaze toys and how babies just gravitate towards them because of their colours and sounds. She sure loves her. She smiles at her all the time and coos. It’s like they are having a conversation. I think this will be one toy that we will need to have a backup of in case it gets lost. I think they are going to be best friends. She still loves her baths and she is really starting to notice our dog Marley. He will come by and sniff her and she just stares at him. I even caught her smiling at him the other day.

Postpartum: I am still feeling great. Some days I feel exhausted and can’t wait for my husband to get home so I can just rest but those days are few and far between. Being a mom is everything I dreamed of and more so I can’t complain.

Milestones: She has found her hands!!! It is the funniest thing. She tries to shove both of them in her mouth and she has also figured out that her thumb alone is the perfect thing to suck on. Being aware of her surroundings is also a milestone for her and us. I can tell that she feels comfortable at home and she gets excited when she sees myself and her daddy.

Baby Gear We Love:

Fisher Price Cradle n Swing My Little LambThis machine is amazing! We recently got it as a baby shower gift and Isla is so relaxed when she is in it. She is great to sleep at night but has trouble napping during the day. When we put her in this she is asleep within minutes and will stay asleep for hours.

My First Years Babypro Quick Serve Bottle WarmerLove this bottle warmer. It is so simple to use! If you have a 3oz bottle, simply fill the measuring beaker on the side with 3oz of water, pour it in the machine, put the bottle in and hit the start button. Within a minute you have your bottle good to go at the perfect temperature. We don’t give her bottles all the time, but when we do, this is so convenient and saves us so much time.

Two Month Photo Shoot

Playing Around!!

Isla with Marina the Mermaid from Lamaze

This is her other Baby Einstein Play Gym which we now have at my parents.

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