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My Maternity Leave So Far

Today is exactly 3 months since I finished my last day of work and went on maternity leave. Oh what a few months it has been! There are have been so many challenges and changes. I have pretty much been working since I was 9 years old. No joke. I worked at my uncles gas station. I would ride my bike in every day for a few hours of work and I would pump gas, work the cash register and clean. I always wanted to grow up way to fast and for me, having a job at 9 was the way to go and I have been working non stop ever since.

The first few weeks of my mat leave were super boring. My last day of work was the 13th of August. Isla was due on the 17th and she did not come until the 26th so I had 2 weeks of pure boredom. I had everything done and ready for her so I literally did nothing. No one wanted me doing anything so nothing I did. Now that she is here I obviously notice a lot of changes in how my life is but there are a few things in particular.
She has found her hands!

Cute booties from her Granan

Playtime is so fun for her now!

Look at that face!

Thanks for reading!

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