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3 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: We haven’t seen the doctor since her 2 month appointment and won’t see the doctor until the beginning of January, but we try to weigh Isla on our own throughout the week just by standing on our scale and then adding her in the mix! It may not seem like that best way but it works for us and I would say she is almost 11 pounds now. She still seems so tiny to me at 3 months old but she is just how I was as a baby…long and skinny. Boy is she long!

Health: Isla is doing great. We will be anxious to see the doctor in January, but as far as we can tell, she is a happy and healthy baby.
Bright Starts Tummy Time Mat – Isla really enjoys this mat. It crinkles when she touches certain areas and it keeps her entertained while she is doing her workout.

Veggie Tales Book ‘God Made You Special’ – We love story time together and there are some books that Isla seems to really gravitate towards. This is one! Her eyes get so big and bright and she smiles when the music plays with it.

Bumbo Chair – We recently brought this out of storage to try it. I thought that she may be to small for it but she actually fits in it perfectly. I think she really enjoys sitting up. We give her toys to play with while she is in it and you can tell that she feels like a big kid being out our sitting level. So cute!

The Wonder Weeks App for Android – This app has been amazing and a lifesaver for when Isla is going through huge changes and fussy stages. It gives you info on different developmental leaps your baby will be going through, what to expect and how to help and be there for your baby through these stages.

3 Month Photo Shoot & Other Cute Photos

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