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4 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: Isla’s weight has been a bit of an issue for us. She just hasn’t been packing on the pounds like she should be at this stage of the game. When Isla got her cold, she kind of went on a nursing strike and because of this, I wasn’t producing as much milk as normal. We took Isla to the doctors to make sure everything was ok. The doctor agreed that we should start supplementing formula. She had lost a pound and was down to 8lbs. We started giving her formula that day and 36 hours later she was up to 8lbs, 4oz. 3 days later she was 8lbs, 11oz. Now she is 9lbs, 9oz. Almost 2 pounds in a week and a half. We are on the right track!

Health: Isla has had a rough few weeks. With her cold and losing some weight she hasn’t been too happy. We are on formula now and she has done a complete 180 in how she is feeling. It’s nice to see. I am working on a post specifically about our nursing issues this month so more on that soon.
JJ Cole Infant Bundle Me – We got this given to us and we love it! Perfect for these FREEZING cold Canadian winters we have. This year in so exception. This keeps our little one perfectly warm.

Old Navy Fleece Snowsuit – We have a few of the Bunting bags but this one has been a lifesaver for us because of the actual legs. Makes it so easy to get her in and out of the car seat. It is so warm too! (this isn’t the exact one we have for her but you get the picture)

Sophie the Giraffe – Isla loves her! The squeak she makes has her smiling every time. It has also been great for her hand eye coordination and Isla loves sucking and biting her. I think she is on the verge of teething.

4 Month Photo Shoot
(Sorry about all the photos. This is defiantly our most
favourite photo shoot yet so lots of cute ones here! She was so happy!)


The whole families favourite shot of the day!

So happy!!

So precious.

When the headband falls down, you know the shoot is coming to an end.
Thanks for reading.


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