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Isla’s First Christmas

Sorry this post is a little late but we had one of our family Christmas’s later this year and of course I had to make sure that all of my pictures from the holidays were in place and uploaded to my computer.

I have mentioned before that Christmas in our family is a big deal! This year was no exception ESPECIALLY it being Isla’s first Christmas! We started off our week of Christmas celebrations on the 22nd at my father and mother in-laws. We opened presents and had a wonderful dinner of Prime Rib. Such a treat! I am not sure what I was expecting but Isla was right into her gifts. She sat on her daddy’s lap and pulled at the paper, tried to eat the paper and then looked at her presents with amazement. It was pretty cute and of course she got spoiled by her Nana and Poppa.




On Monday the 23rd we took it easy at home and Dana worked. The first thing Christmas Eve morning, we left to go to my parents to spend the holidays there. I always look forward to Christmas Eve. We do a big dinner at my parents place with my dad’s side of the family. We always have a massive dinner, drinks, LOTS of laughs and exchange gifts. This has been a tradition in our family since I was born and I hope to continue it for many years to come. This was the first Christmas Eve in a long time that I couldn’t wait to go to sleep because I was so excited for Christmas morning with Isla. I put out her gifts from Santa and her stocking before I went to bed, just like my mom would do and still does for my sister and I. I was so excited to go to sleep and wake up!

My parents picture perfect tree.



Dana and my Dad in the kitchen.
Finally it was Christmas morning! We all woke up and sat around the tree and opened our stockings. Isla had 2 stockings to open so it took her the longest but when she was finally done she was able to start on her gifts. Isla received some really great and thoughtful presents. I will do a post on her/our top favourites! Of course they are all favourites but you would be reading the post all week with all the presents she got! Isla got through her gifts and was obviously tired so I put her down for her nap and my mom, dad, sister, Dana and I opened our presents. Everyone got such wonderful stuff. It’s funny how times change. 15 years ago I would of been asking for a computer game and now I am asking for a gift wrap organizer! Best present ever by the way! lol When we were all done, my dad and Dana made us all a delicious brunch which is a Christmas Day tradition for us, then we relaxed in the afternoon and went out to visit my Nana and Grandpa. A perfect end to a perfect Christmas Day.

Woohoo it’s Christmas!!!

Isla with her Nanny and Gramps.



Perfect present under the tree.

Adorable memory box made for us from my creative sister.

Can’t wait to take Isla on her first sleigh ride.


Isla’s rocking horse her Gramps made for her. The colours match her nursery.

Dana’s new kitchen knife.

Boxing Day, we usually have Christmas at my Nana and Grandpa’s but this year my cousins and uncle were coming home for Christmas but not until the 28th, so we decided to have Christmas on the 29th. Another great celebration and memories were made with my mom’s side of family and not just because of Isla’s first Christmas and all but because of my cousins and uncle coming home from out west. We don’t get to see them very much and it made this year so special. It’s been a while since we had kids running around and being very excited for presents (they are 8 and 10) so it was fun to watch their eyes light up when opening up gifts from Santa. It makes me even more excited for what’s to come with Isla.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. It’s sad that it is over for another year but the memories of this holiday season will help me get through the remaining cold and blah months of January and February!

Thanks for reading.

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    Dennis Yakaback
    January 5, 2014 at 2:26 am

    Love all the photos you take great pictures but how can you not with a baby that cute!!!!

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    January 5, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Thank you! And yes it is easy to take great pictures with such an adorable subject!

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