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9 Month Update and Favourites

Weight: We JUST got back from her 9 month check up and Isla is 17lbs and 5 oz.
Health: Low grade fevers here and there with her teething but baby Motrin seems to clear that up right away. Doctor says she is doing wonderful. We have a little case of cradle cap but we were given options to clear it up. I will let you know how that goes.

Sleep:  A little off this month. Teething has got in her way of beauty sleep. All in all though, still can’t complain as most nights she sleeps right through. Naps have also gotten the best of her. She either can’t sleep or sleeps for hours.
Social: Isla is loud! Very loud this month. She likes to sing, shout, scream and laugh just because she can. She has developed this shy and bashful side lately and it seems to be around men. She also has made strange with a few people but then is laughing with them a minute later. Isla is definitely a funny girl who knows that she’s funny and entertaining. She is cuddly, loving, smart and I have a feeling she may be a handful! Her personality is so big and she loves to be the center of attention and makes new friends whenever we are out.

Diet: We are still breastfeeding and solids are going well. Pretty much everything she tries she loves, especially the orange stuff: carrots, spegetti squash and sweet potato! I have been so nervous to give her pieces of food to chew but have started to give her banana, watermelon and cantaloupe. I really want to branch out with these foods and hopefully within the next couple months we will be totally done with purees. She is also finally figuring out her sippy cup and enjoying water. I also just recently read how great it is to introduce your little one to drinking out of a cup normally so we have been trying that too!
Clothes: We have been wearing 6-12 month clothing, 9 month Carter’s clothing and some 12 month pants and shirts. 12 month sleepers seem to be working better for us then some 9 months ones. She is growing so quickly!
Crying: We definitely hear cries more out of her. When she wants something you know it and when you take something away from her that she liked, you FOR SURE know it! She is very vocal about what she likes and doesn’t like. Crying is just her way of showing it.
Likes: Isla loves scooting around on the floor, dancing to “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars, dancing to the beat of any music, clapping things together, remotes and cellphones, reading, putting everything in her mouth, sitting up and jumping like a mad women in her excersaucer.
Dislikes: Taking things away from her and teething.
Milestones: Getting to where she needs to go even if it is done by rolling and pushing herself all over the place, sitting up by herself, getting up on all fours and chewing her food.

1. Robeez – Love, love, LOVE these little shoes. We received these as a gift and I hadn’t really looked at them to much until she was able to wear them. They are so cute, well made and stay on her feet! Imagine that. No amount of kicking can get them off of her.
2. Foam Play Mat – Isla has always had this to play on but now we are really making use of it. She starts out at one end and rolls over to the other end. She also thinks it’s super funny to pull all of the squares apart.
3. These stacking toys are from Ikea and were given to Isla as a gift. She can’t get enough of them. She eats them, licks them, sings to them and bangs them together like she is making the band!
4. Heinz Organic Food Pouches – I never really thought about getting these because I make Isla’s food but we are out and about a lot and it sure is nice to have these on hand, especially if we are travelling for the weekend. I was also told about the little spoons that go with them so it’s make them even more convenient and easy to use when we are on the run with very little mess and a full and happy baby.
5. Braun Thermometer – This has been getting a workout this past month. With Isla teething, it has been nice to keep track of her if she feels a bit warm. This thing couldn’t be easier to use.
6. Infants Motrin – This also goes with teething this month. We do have Tylenol on hand but noticed that Isla’s face seems to swell a bit when she teethes. The Motrin helps more with the swelling than the Tylenol does (my momma told me that and it has worked like a charm).
9 Month Photo Shoot
Thanks for reading.
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