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Our Weekend

What a busy weekend we just had. I think this is the first time I have sat down in front of the computer since Friday! Craziness!

On Friday, Isla and I headed up to my parents for a couple of days.

Saturday, my mom, Isla and I went to The Baby Show in Ottawa. It was a great day with over 100 vendors, fellow mommy’s, great things to purchase and lots of free stuff! They had a wonderful setup with food, changing and breastfeeding stations and free massages! Yes…I said FREE! A great way to reward yourself!

Sunday was a rainy and dreary day. We all went to church in the morning and then went out for lunch for my uncle and grandfather’s birthday. We had a delicious meal and they even had an open mic afternoon so my sister, who is a fantastic singer/songwriter, got up and did a few tunes. You can check out Cali Briana here on her website.

My mom, Isla and I headed back to Kingston to get ready for Isla’s first swimming class on Monday! I have been so excited to do this with Isla and I have been patiently waiting for class to start! Isla has always loved bath time and playing in the water so it was a no brainer when I heard about the upcoming class.

Here we are the night before, trying to decide what swimsuit to wear! We went for the first one. My mom bought it for her in Philadelphia a couple of months ago. I know it’s my favourite!

The purple one is a close second. We will wear it next week!

We had a blast!  Isla splashed around with the other babies, we sang songs, had a couple gulp fulls of pool water by accident, she kicked her hands and feet and even relaxed on her back while I held her head. She really seemed to enjoy herself and I can’t wait for the rest of the classes and watching her grow. It was also so nice to have my mom there with us for the first class.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and made it through your Monday!

Thanks for reading.

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