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Travel Essentials: Road Trip Packing Tips & Tricks

Nowadays, I can’t just pack up a little over night bag and go to my parents for the weekend. Nowadays, its a suitcase, overnight bag, cooler bag, nursing pillow (sometimes) and an 8 month old attached to my hip.

The first few times we went away for the weekend, I had bags on bags on bags. Every time I went away though, packing got a bit easier AND a bit lighter; realizing when I really did and DIDN’T need. Now I think I have got it figured out.

If we go away to my parents for 3 days and two nights. I make sure I pack for Isla:

Lay everything out in front of you before putting it in your suitcase.
You will be able to see what outfits you have chosen and it will give you a better idea if you are missing anything or if something can be left behind.

I also pack a separate bag with:

– Isla’s favourite toys (you really don’t need to bring ALL of your LO’s favourite toys. Trust me, a few will do just fine.)
– My iPad, chargers and headphones
– Breast Pump
– Other misc. items

I have a great Rachael Ray Cooler Bag that has:

– 2 ice packs
– bottles of milk
– extra bottles
– baby food
– rice cereal
– bottle warmer
– food pouches (I was excited to find these little things. So convenient to bring with you when you are on the go and the plastic spoons that attach are genius. We like Earth’s Best Organics and Heinz Organics. I am also going to purchase some of the reusable pouches and fill them with my own foods.)

All set for Nanny and Gramps’ House!
What are your must haves for a road trip?!
Thanks for reading.
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