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Baby Swim Class Essentials

Isla and I have been taking swimming lessons for a month now and we couldn’t be having more fun! She loves the other babies, splashing around, kicking her arms and legs, laying on her back and playing with the foam toys. After the 1st lesson, I figured out what we needed and didn’t need for our lesson. Maybe these tips will help you and your little one.


For Isla I always bring:
*Her swimsuit obviously. Not a big deal if you forget it but I find it easier to hold her when there is fabric there instead of just a slippery baby body. The cuter the swimsuit the better! We got hers a Target.
* A hooded towel is a huge bonus if you have one AND if you have a baby that has a lot of hair like Isla.
* I was wondering what I would do about swim diapers. Luckily we use pocket cloth diapers and I was told to just take the inserts out and it would work great! They do and keep accidents contained!
* A wet bag is also great to have. A plastic bag or something like this will keep all of your wet clothes in one spot.

For myself I bring:
*A towel
* A clean pair of flip flops to wear around the pool and changing area. I have a real thing with wet floors and I would rather not walk directly on them if I can avoid it.
* A bathing suit. I got this great one at Joe Fresh. It fits like a dream.
I hope this has been helpful! Have you ever taken swimming lessons with your kids? What did they love most about the experience?!

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