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Our Summer Bucket List

The countdown to the first day of summer is officially on! We are well in to June already and the lazy, hazy days of summer are calling my name! Of course I have a list about a mile long of fun, amazing family adventures and firsts that I want to take Isla on.

Here are the top 6 things our family would like to cross off our list this summer!!!

1. Eat ice cream! This is a summer staple for sure. You must eat a cone filled with your favourite flavour. Mine happens to be Mint Chocolate Chip and my favourite place to get it is at White Mountain in downtown Kingston. If you are ever here, you have to check it out. I can’t wait for Isla to have her first taste of ice cream on a hot summer’s day.

2. Play at the splash pad! Kingston has a lot of splash pads and great places for you and your little ones to cool down this summer. We already know that Isla loves the water so I can’t wait to see her reaction when we go to a place where water shoots up from the ground. She is going to love it! I recently found out that there is a splash pad almost around the corner from us. I am excited to pack a picnic lunch and spend the day there as a family.

3. Go to the beach! This is a must do over the summer. I definitely want to take Isla to Sandbanks in Picton, Ontario and to the Burnstown Beach in my hometown. Picton is beautiful and you can wade out for miles. Burnstown is a place where I spent my childhood so anywhere we go is a win win! Hopefully we can mark both off of our list.

4. Make sandcastles! We have to do this when we are at the beach. We got Isla some sand toys in her Easter basket and can’t wait to use them with her. I am probably more excited than she is!

5. Go on a houseboat trip! When I was younger, our family use to rent and go on a houseboat trip every summer. To this day, it is still something that our family talks about often and my sister and I have such fond memories of these trips. We haven’t done one in a while so we decided that this year was the year to start the tradition again. In July, our family is taking another trip and we couldn’t be happier to have Isla come along! I can’t wait to have 4 days away of fun in the sun, good food, water and relaxation!

6. Feed the ducks at Confederation Park! I remember when I first moved to Kingston, I would go down to the park on my lunch break and I would watch the little kids feed the ducks with their parents. They always seemed to have so much fun and I always imagined what it would be like doing the same with my kids one day. I am sure Isla will be a little young for it but she loves animals and just seeing her smile and point at one will be all I need. Maybe I can get her to throw a piece of bread at one. She throws everything else on the ground!

What are your plans for the summer!? Anything you can’t wait to do?! Anyone you can’t wait to see!? I would love to hear about your summer bucket list.

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