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11 Month Update and Favourites

Well, it’s official! My little baby is almost a toddler! I can’t believe it. As sad as it is, it is also such a pleasure watching her grow everyday day, learning new things and experiencing life. We get such joy watching her and seeing the little girl she is becoming. Here’s what the last month has brought us.

Weight: I am just using our scale at home and it looks like she is almost 19 pounds give or take.
Health: Cradle cap seems to be all healed. We have been switching between tea tree oil and baby oil and it seems to have put a stop to the scaliness.

Sleep:  A bit better then last month. She is sleeping through the night again and napping is back on track. Her morning naps are still great and she will sleep for a solid hour and a half at least. Her afternoon naps she can take it or leave it. Some days she needs them, other days not so much. She has even gotten better sleeping at my parents and has finally started sleeping through the night in the crib they have there for her.
Social: We definitely have a social butterfly on our hands. Her shy side doesn’t’ last for to long with most people. She is so funny, laughs at everything, points at everything, yells, screams, cries…she is just a bundle of emotions and the funnest little baby ever! She loves all kids! Babies, toddlers, 10 year olds…it doesn’t matter. If you are under 4 feet tall, you are her best friend. Friends of ours have a 10 year old and Isla was really drawn to her and her friend. They played with dolls and Isla was right in her glory with her new friends.
Diet: Isla has gone down to 3 nursing’s a day. In the next month we will be really focusing on weaning, making sure Isla is eating 3 meals a day of solids and 2 snacks and drinking cows milk. So far she doesn’t seem to like it but we will keep trying. As far as solids go, it hasn’t been the smoothest transition. She seems to love food and she will try anything new but some days she eats A LOT of food and other days you can barely get her to eat a half of a banana. What gives?! Any of you moms out there experienced this? Any advice or tips that have helped you?
Clothes: We are wearing lots of 6-12 month rompers and dresses, 12 month pants and shorts and 12 month body suits.
Likes: Every month just keeps getting better and better. Isla is becoming such a little lady with a personality that’s larger than life. She likes people, kids in particular and other babies, going on road trips to Renfrew, being on the water, her lovey, blueberries, being outside, going to the grocery store, playing with her piano, chatting and pulling herself up on everything.
Dislikes: Laying down to have her bum changed and changing her clothes. She hates it! It helps to have an extra set of hands to hold her down. The only thing that keeps her occupied long enough to change her bum is if she is able to hold her hairbrush! Random right? She also does not like her hair being washed lately. I have to do it very quickly. Oh and washing her face after supper. Hates it!
Milestones: Isla is pulling herself up on everything, holding onto things one handed, bending down to pick stuff up, she is totally pro at feeding herself now and her hand-eye coordination is amazing. She is using a straw sippy cup and just got her first top tooth! Thank goodness! The drool around this house has been crazy. Let’s just say that I have slipped on the floor more than once.

1. Clarks – Isla got her first pair of Clarks from her Nanny and Gramps. She needed a good pair of walking shoes when she takes her first steps. That’s what my dad says anyways! These have great support and soles to walk on and are pretty much on there for good once you Velcro the strap. They are cute to boot as well!

2. Baby Faces Peekaboo – Isla likes playing peekaboo when we read this book at night. She also laughs at the voices I make when I talk like the bunny and lion. She also gets a kick out of the baby faces throughout the book.

3. Baby Einstein Piano – I may have mentioned this in a previous post but we have made a lot of use out of it. Before, we just used the piano but now we are able to attach the legs to it. This has helped Isla pull herself up and help her stand. She also loves pressing all the buttons and playing the French horn.

4. Sing – A – Long Songs – I use these cd’s in the car all the time. Isla is usually a good traveller but lately can get a bit ansy if she is in the car for too long while she is awake. Hearing these songs seems to calm her down almost instantly. She either falls back asleep or just sits there with a smile.

5. Live Clean Baby – I try to use as many natural products in my home and on my family as possible. We have tried a few different brands of baby products for Isla but we have been very happy with the Live Clean Baby brand. You can find them at Walmart or Target and we use the Shampoo and Body Wash, the Body Lotion, Diaper Ointment, and Non-Petroleum Jelly. They are all extremely gentle and have a nice light scent, they don’t irritate her skin and they are well priced which can be hard to find when you are looking for natural products.

6. Car Seat Organizer – I have recently started making use of this and I can’t believe I ever lived without it! It is fantastic to be able to have everything Isla needs in the car at all times. I don’t have to worry about bringing a diaper bag with me every time we need to leave the house. I keep books, toys, snacks, diapers, wipes and a blanket.

11 Month Photos
You will notice that the only way she would sit still for 2 seconds is if she had my phone or the lens for my camera. Can we also talk about how cute she is with a ponytail!?

Have a great Monday!

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