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Happy First Birthday Isla

Sneak peek of Isla’s First Birthday photo shoot from Jason Kelly Photography
The chalkboard design is from the very talented Pretty ‘n Paper.

Today Isla, you are officially a ONE YEAR OLD! At 6 o’clock pm my life changed in the most amazing way all because of you. I have been on the most wonderful high since you were born and I don’t think I will ever come down; nor do I want to.

This last year has by far been the most challenging, exhausting, hopeful, caring, loving, exciting and simply perfect year of my life. I had no idea that something so small could make my heart feel so full but you continue to make it explode everyday because of every little thing you do. Every morning when I wake up and walk into your nursery, I am welcomed with the most amazing little smile and to know that you need me is the most fantastic feeling in the world.

Your spunky, fun and loud personality makes me laugh out loud everyday. Who knew I could be so happy and smile so much.

Your love for your family and making new friends shows me how important it is to surround yourself with people who love you and want nothing but the best for you.

Your quiet side makes you look at things with such wonderment and it makes me stare at you for hours wondering what your little mind is thinking.

Your bashfulness shows your sweet and loving side and I can’t wait for that first hug you give me and when you tell me “I love you mommy”.

Your smarts make me excited for your future and what you will be when you grow up.

Your excitement for the small stuff like a cardboard box, a cup and a remote control reminds me that life is all about the little things and who you have around you to share them with.

Your laugh. Oh your beautiful laugh is enough to make me stop and think that whatever I am worrying about in life is not as important as hearing you laugh and seeing your sweet smile.

Your love for play has reminded me to be a kid again and run around in circles, blow bubbles and get grass stains on my pants.

Most importantly, you have made my life complete Isla. You have showed me that love comes in all shapes and sizes. You have showed me that my husband can be the best daddy to you and you have showed me that all you need is love. It’s as simple as that. As long as I have you, my life is filled with pure joy. I am so incredibly blessed that I get to be your mommy. What I did to deserve you I will never know, but I sure am glad it was me that God chose.

I can’t wait to watch you grow sweet girl. Thank you for making me a mommy.

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