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Isla and Mommy Approved: guzzie+Guss Perch Hanging High Chair

There are always a few products we get as parents where a light bulb goes off and you think to yourself “How did I ever get through the last months without this?!” This is one of those products for me; the guzzie+Guss G+G 201 Perch Hanging High Chair. My mom and I were at The Baby Show in Ottawa a few months back and saw their display and we had to check it out. What drew me to their products initially were the strollers they had on display and the fact that they are Canadian born. I definitely would love one of their strollers for future baby number 2 because they are super lightweight, simple and multifunctional. Anyways, back to the topic at hand! The fellow that works for the company showed my mom and I the Perch High Chair and we knew we had to have one so my mom purchased one for her place and bought one for Dana and I which we keep in the car at all times. These have been a fantastic purchase and I would love to share our experience so far with all of you.

Here’s Why We Love It:

1. Convenience & Compact Design: The Perch is great to use if you are tight on space at home, for travel, visits to Grandpa and Grandma’s and if you are just enjoying a dinner out with the family. It is easy to use, doesn’t involve tools and folds up easily for storage. It also comes with a storage bag that is easy to carry and lightweight on your shoulders. We keep ours in the trunk of our car and it is always at hand and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

2. Safe and Sturdy: If you are a little hesitant of basically hanging your child off the edge of a table…don’t be. I am the queen of worrying over the littlest things and I was shocked as to how sturdy it is. It distributes weight evenly, has a safety harness, a high back for extra comfort and support and holds a child up to 37 lbs.

3. Easy To Use: Once you use the Perch a couple of times, it is super easy to attach to a table and the adjustable clamps make it easy to use with different types and thicknesses of tables. It is also super easy to collapse to put back into its carry bag and is easy to clean.

The Only Negative:

I know that the Perch fits “most” tables but I find it annoying that the most common places I use it are outdoor patio tables and they are all made the same with a thicker lip and thinner table top so I have to keep blocks of wood in the carry bag to give the tables extra thickness. I think that guzzie+Guss should consider including spacers with the Perch so they can fit on every table.

Other than that one complaint, we all think it is an amazing product and has made eating time so enjoyable while we are away and on the go. It is nice that Isla can join us at the table wherever we are.

Here are some pictures of the chair in action.

Have you ever used guzzie+Guss products?! What is your favourite?

Disclaimer: These are my own opinions and I am not being endorsed by the company in any way for this post.

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