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12 Month Update and Favourites

I have been dreading the 12 month post forever now. I can’t believe my baby is one and I just used up her last monthly sticker! I don’t know where the year went but I do know it’s been the most amazing year yet!

Weight: Isla is 19lbs and 1oz. I thought she would be at least 20lbs but she will get there.
Health: Knock on wood everything has been great! She has had a bit of a runny nose and sneezing for the last couple of days. It almost seems to be like they are allergies. Whatever it is I hope it doesn’t last for long. She just had her 1 year checkup and the doctor is happy with her growth and the milestones she is hitting.

Sleep:  All over the map the past month. Some nights are great, others not so much. Some days she naps great, others not so much. That pretty much sums it up!
Social: Isla is such a little girl. She is very dainty and handles everything so delicately. She is also very vocal, “talks” a lot, says “Dada” and “Momma”, “ado” for hello. She yells all-the-time so you definitely knows when she wants something. She has started going to daycare and loves playing with all the kids. She still gets shy with new people and now gets so excited when she sees us after she has been at daycare all day. She crawls as fast as she possibly can and pulls at my feet and reaches her arms up to me. I DIE! I almost cried the first time she did it. I couldn’t believe it.
Diet: We are down to only 2 nursings a day. I hope to be finished that in the next month or so but I am not rushing it. She has also been a pro at eating this month especially at breakfast and dinner and she likes all sorts of food. Any food that she spits out she eventually ends up liking because we keep offering it to her so that is wonderful. We have also tried peanut butter and there doesn’t seem to be any reaction there.
Clothes: We are still wearing some 6-12 month but mostly 12 month and 12-18 month clothing.
Likes: This month Isla loves going to daycare, playing outside, playing in the garden with mommy, eating all sorts of food, driving around in her car, climbing stairs and looking out the front window. She also had started to share her food with me. It is so cute when she offers and tries to put food in my mouth.
Dislikes: Hmmmmm do you have a few minutes!? She seems to dislike a lot of things this month. Changing her diaper and clothing has become a wrestling match. I really don’t know what to do. I always have a basket of toys near by to keep her distracted. Sometimes they work but most times they don’t! She also hates waiting for her food. Come to think about it, she hates waiting for anything. Her patience seems to be lacking just a tad. She suddenly isn’t a fan of bathtime either and hates when I wash her hair.
Milestones: Isla isn’t walking yet but she uses her walker all the time to get around. She also points to some of her animals and books. Like, when I say “Where is Bunnikins?” She points to him right away. She is also saying “Dada” and said “Momma” the day before her 1st Birthday! She has also started to say “Boo” when playing peek-a-boo. When you say “Hello” she also puts whatever she has in her hand up to ear and says “ado”. When we are eating dinner she offers me her peas and carrots and she reaches her hands up to me when she wants up. Isla has also started to figure out that objects can be taken in and out of things and she plays all the time trying to put the circle inside the circle and so on.

1. Imaginarium Activity Cube – This cube is fantastic. It has so many things to do and play with and it can keep Isla entertained for hours. She loves playing with the beads on the top and sliding them from one end to the other.

2. Toddler Mum-Mum – We have moved up from the Baby Mum-Mums people! Isla loved the ones before but she enjoys these even more. They are a bit harder to chew which is great for teething but they still dissolve in her mouth just the same.

3. Lovey – I have mentioned this before in a previous favourites but Isla loves it so much that it should be mentioned again. This isn’t the exact one she has and unfortunately I took the tag off it but they are all the same. It is soft and cuddly and she loves to sleep and nap with it. It is really sweet the affection she shows towards it and they are two peas in a pod when it comes to sleep time.

4. My Pal Violet by Leapfrog – This little gal is too cute. She sings songs, talks about colours and shapes and you can even program her with new songs AND get her to say your name by connecting the USB cable to your computer. Technology I tell ya!

5. Fisher Price Stand-Up Ballcano – This thing plays dance tunes, shoots balls up and they fall down the side! It doesn’t need to much explanation except the fact that it makes lots of noise, Isla can dance to it and chase the balls around all over the floor and that makes it AWESOME!

6. Smoothies – Isla is a smoothie machine and they have been her favourite thing this month. We make spinach and fruit smoothies every morning and Isla will drink a whole glass to herself. She can’t get enough of them and she cries when it’s finished.

12 Month Photo Shoot

I hope you had a great long weekend and are enjoying your holiday Monday!

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