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Happy 1 Year Blogaversary To Me! + Giveaway WINNER!!


Today marks a year that I hit “Publish” on my first ever blog post! What a great year it has been. Before I went on Mat Leave to have Isla, I thought of starting a blog to document our life as a new family of three. I wanted to write about our daily lives, topics of interest and anything I could possibly think of that may help someone in the future. I wanted readers to know that they are not alone in struggles and that we all experience the same things. I just think it’s really nice to read other peoples stories.

For me, I have also enjoyed writing. I also love being creative, playing on my computer and keeping up with the daily happenings; whether that be social media, technology, the newest book or the trendiest parenting fad that is happening out there. This blog has allowed me to do all those things and to meet new people and connect with other families, mommies and bloggers out there. Most importantly, I have developed such a passion for it. Every day has the potential to be a new blog post and everything that happens in our lives can be written down and documented for us to remember. That’s what I think is the coolest thing about blogging. We can always look back at our past and remember holidays and new experiences we shared together. Most importantly it is a time capsule for my family and I want them to have memories to look back on. I also really enjoy brain storming new posts and researching things I could potentially talk about. It gives me a thrill when I start typing a new post and I enjoy the whole process. 
In the next year, I would love to go to some blog conferences and meet new people and further my blogging career because that’s what I consider it. When people ask what I do I say I am a blogger because I feel like it is a part of me and it’s what I do. So cheers to the next year of blogging (and many more) and I hope that I can continue to create articles for you that are fun, inspiring and real.
Thank you so much to every single person that has supported me throughout this journey, especially my family, husband and of course Isla who have always told me to keep going and are my biggest fans in me doing this. It means the world to me! I also thought that today would be very fitting to announce the winner of my Baby Shower Giveaway so congratulations to Amanda H! I will be emailing you shortly. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Have a great Monday!

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