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14 Month Update and Favourites

I figured that after typing these up every month, they would get easier and less emotional but here we are at another month and I am still a sobbing mess as I write this. The days, weeks and months just go by way to quickly and instead of having a tiny baby I can hold in my arms all day, I have a crawling, walking, talking and singing all day long little human. As much as I find myself thinking back to those early days, the new things Isla experiences everyday and what we get to experience together definitely makes the fact that she isn’t a wee baby anymore much more fun! So is doing SO much and watching her grow is the best thing ever.

This month has been full with quite a bit of sickness. I was expecting this when Isla first started daycare but wasn’t expecting the coughs and boogers to be so consistent. She has experienced some pretty bad fevers with her temperature spiking to 103! We have had a trip to the ER and a few extra doctors appointments that confirmed that Isla had a lung infection. She was put on antibiotics and I think we are finally in the home stretch of her feeling better! Her coughing is less and less and her breathing seems to be better. We met with the doctor recently and is happy with what she sees. Despite all of this though, Isla still smiles the day away! I have never seen a happier kid.

Sleep has been pretty great this month despite her sickness. The odd night she will wake up coughing but always falls right back asleep and we have only had a couple of nights that involved little to no sleep which is always welcome!

Isla’s eating habits have definitely been affected this month. Her appetite has not been there and she will pick at her food and show very little interest. Some days she will stuff her face and others she will pick like a little bird. The past couple days though she has done a 180 and she seems to be starting to enjoy her food again.


Lots of new things have been happening this month!
– She is officially walking all. over. the. place.
– Repeating more words like “Thanks”, “Water” and “Cup”.
– Knocking on the front window when she sees someone outside.
– Pointing to items in her books, like “Where is the baby?”, “Where is her nose?”
– When Dana and I say “Can I have a kiss?” She leans her head into ours.
– She is enjoying colouring and singing songs at playgroup.
– She is learning how to brush her teeth.
– She is doing some of the actions to “Itsy Bitzy Spider”.
– Isla is also quite the problem solver and you can tell that she is always thinking about ways to do things. She is just like her momma in that sense. I am not sure whether that is a curse or a good thing!

Clockwise from top left:

Tea Set – Isla and I have tea parties all the time. Her Granan bought this for her in hopes and getting her ready for real tea parties some day like my Nana and I use to have. Isla pours the tea, dumps in the creamer and then stirs everything in. Then we cheers!

 Egg Set – Isla can’t put this little set down. She carries it with her everywhere she goes. Inside are 6 eggs each with a different shape on the bottom and colour. You have to match the shapes and put the eggs back together. She can’t get enough of it.

Baby Stella – This little gal may have been mentioned before but Isla has found her again and they are best friends. She holds her, feeds her a bottle and gives her hug. So nice seeing her lovable side.

Land of Nod Chair – Isla will sit in this and read a book, no joke. She loves and feels like a big girl when she is sitting in it. We have to watch her pretty carefully around it because she uses it as her own little jungle gym. She climbs on it and rolls all over it. It has a little handle on the back so she carries it around and there is even a little pocket in the back to put her books.

Crayons – We are on a real colouring kick lately. We were out with my dad for dinner a couple of weeks ago and they were colouring together and she hasn’t stopped since. We now have lots of beautiful artwork to add to our fridge!

14 Month Photos

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    Lady Lilith
    October 31, 2014 at 12:14 am

    She is so cute.
    I remember having the egg set for my little one.
    She has some great toys.

  • Reply
    Melissa (Our Life with Isla)
    October 31, 2014 at 12:27 am

    Thank you! Yes the eggs are a big hit. She loves to make them squeak! Thanks for reading!

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