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Isla Goes to Daycare

When I was 6 months pregnant, I found out that the lady right across the street from us ran her own home daycare. I was so excited to hear this. We dropped in on her one day and we liked what we saw so we made an appointment with her to discuss Isla being a party of her daycare. We went over one afternoon with our trusty interview questions and were pleased with the outcome. We knew we had found a great spot for Isla.

Why Isla loves it:
1. It is run out of her home so it offers more of a warm atmosphere. Everyday I feel like I am dropping her off at Grandma’s house or something.
2. I would be lying if I didn’t say that the convenience is awesome! She is literally 25 steps away from our front door. No drop offs, no pickups, no in and out of carseats. Just a morning stroll across the street. If gives me extra time with Isla every morning and every night. I get to spend it with her instead of in a car.
3. The whole day isn’t entirely structured. They have a play group they go to in the morning and meal times are the same but the rest of the day will happen how it happens. If it’s nice out they go for walks. If it’s a rainy day they may make crafts. If one baby doesn’t want to nap in the morning but would prefer to nap in the afternoon, that is ok. She follows their lead and goes with the flow. I like that. Structure is great but kids in my opinion need more play and more chances to use their imagination.
4. She also offers healthy and delicious meals and is great about the fact that Isla is gluten free so she accommodates that no problem. She also has a chart hanging up at her place showing what each child has eaten that day and what times they napped at. I love that we are kept informed of those types of things.
5. She is around other toddlers and kids. This is something I couldn’t give her when I was at home with her. Sure we met up with babies every now and then and she enjoys playing with our friend kids but she needs that more often. Daily play with other children will help her in so many ways.
6. Most importantly Isla loves going there. Every morning she comes to expect it. When she sees me put her backpack on she gets excited and when we go outside she points to her house across the street. She never fusses throughout the day, she enjoys her meals and sleeps well so that tells me right there that she is comfortable. Just as important, she is also super excited when I pick her up after work and she sees me come through the front door. It makes my heart melt.
It makes me feel so good at work knowing that Isla is being well taken care of. She is learning new things, making new friends and experiencing life on her own without her mommy and daddy! I love watching her grow.

What do you like most about your little one’s daycare?

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