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One Year Later: The Kingston Santa Claus Parade

Oh you guys. This post was meant to be seen by you all last Sunday evening and as luck would have it, I got hit with the worst flu bug I have ever had in my life! Sick to my stomach, chills, fever, sore body…you name it, I had it and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. I spent almost 4 days on the couch with nothing but gravol, Tylenol and half drank water bottles surrounding me. The worst of it all?! I had to keep my distance from Isla and Dana had to take care of getting her off to the sitters everyday. Yesterday morning was the first time I have been able to sit down and have breakfast with her all week! Still not 100% but getting there.

Now back to the story. Last weekend was the Kingston Santa Claus parade. They do it at night time so it’s really beautiful with all of the lights and decorations. 

Last year I can remember us all standing on the streets freezing our butts off while Isla slept in her stroller with 10 layers of clothing on no doubt. This year we still froze our butts off (I swear the area we choose to stand in is a permanent wind tunnel) but my goodness did Isla ever enjoy herself! Of course now that she is walking that’s all she wants to do so Dana and I took turns squatting down beside her on the sidewalk and pointing to all the pretty floats. She would scream with glee at some of the people walking by in costumes, she would clap and laugh when she saw some of the puppies from “101 Dalmatians”, she would move to the beat when a band went by playing Christmas tunes and when she was really excited she would stick out her big and fluffy snowsuit arm, point  to something and then yell something at me which I can only assume was German for “Mommy look at that right there!”

We really enjoyed ourselves and it’s just so funny to think back on last year, that only 365 days ago she was in 3 month clothing, sleeping away while people in the streets were yelling away and music was blasting in the background. She even took notice when Santa and his reindeer came by and looked at me and clapped. 

As much as I catch myself thinking about the early days when she would fall asleep in my arms, it’s experiences like this that make growing up so fun and I am so blessed that my husband and I are able to enjoy these moments with her.

Some photos from our night! Not the best but you get the idea. Thanks for reading!

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