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Our Weekend + Some Purchases

This weekend started off just like any other weekend…aahh who am I kidding?! This weekend was awesome and filled with lots of family fun and memory making!

Friday night was spent relaxing on the couch. Is there really anything better? Working full time and being a mom is exhausting as you know so usually by Friday night I am Pooped with a capital P. I lit my favourite pumpkin spiced candle and poured a glass of wine after Isla went to bed and waited for my husband to come home. We ate some junk food, watched some TV and were passed out by 10:30pm. We’re cool right?

Saturday morning, Isla allowed us to sleep in until 8:30am! I still giggle to myself when I say that 8:30 is referred to as “sleeping in” but hey we will take what we can get. Dana made us a delicious breakfast with his special scrambled eggs and spinach and we enjoyed that over some coffee and cartoons. Then we all got ready and headed to Walmart to pick up some groceries and things for Isla. We picked her up some cute leggings, a new outfit and something festive for the holidays. We wanted to pick out her holiday dress too but didn’t see anything we really loved so we are going to wait. 

We also got this fantastic blow up penguin for the front lawn. We tested him out inside and Isla loves him.

After Walmart, Isla fell asleep. I took advantage of this and left Dana and her in the car and went to Chapters to pick out some Christmas books to read Isla over the holidays. These 3 caught my eye right away. Isla is a fan already. There is one other that I am going to go back for called “The Nativity” that looks so cute!

After Isla’s catnap we took her to Riley’s Garden Centre here in Kingston to see Santa and his reindeer. Btw, she was not a fan of the big man; maybe next time. This is the first I have heard of it and randomly saw someone talking about it on social media so we had to see for ourselves. Dana and I had no idea this place existed. For the holiday season they turn it in to a Christmas store where you can purchase one of a kind gifts and pick out your Christmas tree. We had such a nice time exploring the store, saying hello to Santa and taking Isla to see Donor, Comet and of course Rudolph. 

We made a quick pit stop on the way home to take a look at some of the vendors at the Great Canadian Baby Market and also to visit a friend of ours who is due to have her baby in January! By this time, Isla was about done with all the adventure so we made our way home. Isla went down for a nap and Dana got started on spoiling us with another delicious dinner of Moose steaks! So good! If you ever have the opportunity to marry a chef…Do It!

Today we woke up to the first snowfall of the season. It was beautiful and Isla “Oohed” and  “awed” and pointed out the window. 

Dana had to work today so Isla and I got ourselves ready and went to church. We got back, did some colouring, had lunch and Isla went down for her usual nap. This for me meant taking out the Christmas decorations!!! Little by little, I am putting things up and I can’t wait for the final result.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you were able to spend it with the ones you love!

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