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15 & 16 Month Update & Favourites

The last couple of months have brought real change to Isla and her little personality! She is for sure coming into her own now and each day we see more glimpses into who she is going to become.

Isla started off being 15 months old with a check up at the doctors. She has grown lots and was 21.6 pounds. Judging by our home scale she seems to have gained another pound.

Health wise we have seen some runny noses and a bit of coughing but nothing to major that has stuck around for any long period of time. She also has 9 teeth and 3 big molars coming in. A few nights they have seemed to cause her discomfort but nothing out of the ordinary and nothing a little Motrin can’t fix. Whoever invented Motrin is a flippin’ genius! 

Isla is “talking” a lot and lately it has really changed and you can tell that she is trying to find her words. She says “Dad”, “Mum”, “Netchup” for Ketchup, and “Ilk” for Milk. She also says “Wawa” for water and “Ches” for Cheese and “Gam” for Gramps (my dad) and I feel like any day now she is just going to start repeating everything that we say.

Isla is still on the move and loves to walk and her balance is fantastic. You can’t hold her for too long because she just wants to be on the go. She is also a little daredevil and you have to watch her constantly or in a split second she is standing up on her chair or rocking way to fast on her cow. She always does it with a devious grin which makes me even more worried!

She is a feisty gal who doesn’t like to be told “NO” and can freak out over the littlest thing in a split second. She is also the sweetest and most affectionate little girl. She loves giving hugs and kisses, waving goodbye, blowing kisses and holding hands. She listens well to direction and can follow pretty much anything you ask her to do…when it’s convenient for her that is! She loves to laugh and sing and has the greatest imagination when playing with her toys. Reading books is still her favourite thing to do and she enjoys dancing in circles and tapping her feet to any type of music she hears.

We definitely have an organizer on our hands and she for sure got that from me. She will make a big mess but then she likes everything put back in its place. She will spot and pick up just about any spec of dirt on the floor and she will take it to the garbage can. Christmas time was a hoot because the wrapping paper was her highlight. It always gave her something to put in the trash. If she drops anything on the floor like her water, she immediately says “Uh Oh” and finds the nearest towel to wipe it up.

This month she is loving:

* Her canopy from Land of Nod is still a big hit and I am sure it will continue to be for years to come. She brings her books and toys with her and she will sit in there and play and laugh. It really is her little getaway!

* She is also loving her Fisher Price Purse. It comes with a bracelet, cellphone and even a plastic credit card that she can’t get enough of and she even knows how to hold it on her shoulder. 

* Every month she usually has a favourite book and right now she is back to being in love with “Goodnight Moon“. She carries it around constantly and goes through the pages and points to every thing on every page. You best believe we are reading that book at might before I put her to sleep or she will not be happy.

* Her Mother Goose that her Granan and Great Grandpa bought her is a huge hit. It tells nursery rhymes and moves to the stories it tells. She could stare at it for hours and loves to watch the movements.

I hope you are all getting back into the swing of things after the holidays! Thanks for reading!

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