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Isla and Mommy Approved: Fisher Price Little People Review

I haven’t done a personal review in a while and I am sorry for that. I promise I will try to make them a more frequent thing! I figure that if I am curious about this type of stuff, then there are other mom’s and families that may want to know the same thing.

A big enjoyment, actually OBSESSION in our house is anything Little People from Fisher Price. If I am really being honest, I don’t know who loves them more, Isla or myself. I would like to think Isla but I really don’t know! I giggle like a little school girl when I hear Ariel sing “Part of Your World.” Don’t judge ok?!

For Isla’s first birthday she got the Little People’s Happy Sounds Home and then Ariel and Friends. Soon after that my parents got her the Klip Klop Stable to keep at their place. This past Christmas she got the Princess Songs Palace and the Play School. They are not the smallest things and they can take up quite a bit of space when you have more than one but Isla gets so much enjoyment out of them that I really don’t care!

Here is why we love them!

1. Great for little hands

They call them “Little People” for a reason. They are the perfect size for even the smallest hands to hold, yet they are big enough that you don’t have to stress about something being swallowed. They have the cutest faces and none of them look the same. They are all made to have their own personalities and quirks. The castle and playhouse themselves are also great to play with and offer furniture and other items that are easy to hold and move around.

2. Imagination

There is nothing better than watching Isla play and like actual play where she moves the little people around, presses buttons, opens up doors, drives the little car and has the mommy kiss the baby. When I do something, she follows my lead and right away she has figured it out. To watch her little mind work and figure things out is so amazing to watch. These particular toys will also keep her focused for quite some time.

3. Extra add-ons

You can buy separate little people and other additions so that there are always new things to play with. Isla got the Princess castle for Christmas and we didn’t realize that the carriage with Ariel and Prince Eric could be a part of the castle. You can purchase safari animals, other Little People, cars and even airplanes! Cinderella always need an airplane right?! The possibilities are endless!

4. Lights & Sounds

Every toy does something different. The House has a ringing phone, a baby crying and a clock ticking. The Play school has kids laughing, bright lights and a teacher talking. The Klip Klop has the sounds of horses and pretty music and the Castle has each princess introducing herself and singing a song. They are all so engaging and Isla can’t get enough of them.

Do your little ones play with Little People? Do they have a favourite?

If you haven’t experienced these fun toys from Fisher Price, I would highly recommend giving them a try!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer – I have not been provided any type of compensation from Fisher Price for this post. All Little People were given to us as gifts. I am simply offering my personal review and thoughts on how much our family enjoys these products.

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    Place Under The Pine
    February 4, 2015 at 7:32 pm

    We have collected many Little People sets over the years, and we have gotten rid of many Little People sets over the years. The only thing that has stayed has been the classic house. All of our three kids have used it and continue to use it (even our 8 year old, on occasion). It is one of those things that can be used with all of the accessories we buy specifically for each child (1st child was into babies and families, 2nd child was into cars and vehicles, 3rd child is into animals).

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    Melissa (Our Life with Isla)
    February 4, 2015 at 7:34 pm

    That is awesome that you still have the house to use! I am sure the playhouse we have will also be around for a long time. We love playing with them together as a family. We may go in search for a new one to add to our collection soon!

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