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Thoughts From a First Time Grandfather

Happy Tuesday all! Today I am very excited to have my dad (the best dad in the world fyi) sharing his thoughts about becoming a grandfather for the first time. My dad and I are very close and share a special bond and from the moment Isla and her gramps met, you could tell they would share the same relationship. The way Isla feels about her grandfather is so special and it makes my heart full when I see them together. I hope you enjoy his story.

“Dad, you are going to be a grandfather!” Words I knew at some point I would hear. After all, Melissa always wanted to be a mom. She had baby names picked out when it seemed she was know more than a baby herself. So when her and Dana married in August of 2011, a baby on the way was just a natural progression of things but all this begs the question? Was I ready for it? After all, for a guy becoming a grandfather is a real game changer. My wife Kim squealed with joy when Melissa and Dana broke the news but for me there was happiness and disbelief! How did I get here? I thought about how quickly time had passed. Melissa who was my little girl and I still felt that way about her now was going to have a baby of her own.

I thought about many of the grandfathers I knew. They drove Buicks, had gray hair, wore felt caps, went to the gym for “Functional Fitness.” I was about to join their ranks. When we told family, my brothers who are younger then I with no grandchildren yet, called me Gramps and made wheezing sounds to make it seem like I was over the hill. Some of the guys that I go to the gym with laughed when I told them. One called me an “Old Fossil!” It hurt just a little but I survived!

I thought about the journey Melissa and Dana were beginning; the rewards, but yet the worries that all new parents have to deal with. All the questions they will have but yet the satisfaction in working together to figure out parenthood. I had confidence in them. Dana was a good man and Melissa would be a wonderful mother. After all she had learned from a great one.

As the months rolled by, the excitement kept building. Melissa was taking everything in stride and on August 26th, 2013 Isla came into the world. As I type this out, I remember how I felt walking into Melissa’s room to see my little girl holding her little girl. That old saying “Flesh of my flesh” rang in my ears. Isla was perfect and so alert. There was just this feeling of joy in the room. I could not have been happier…or so I thought. You see I was happier the first time she fell asleep on my chest, I was happier the first time she smiled for me, I was happier the first time I got her to laugh, happier the first time she put out her arms for me, happier the first time she turned to place a kiss on my cheek, happier the first time she stood at the window and showed excitement when Kim and I came to visit. I hope you get the picture. To say Isla has brought joy to my life is an understatement. I look forward to lots of fun times in the future and I know they say you should not spoil a child but let it be known I am making no promises in that department! She has officially turned me to mush.

As for becoming a grandfather, if that little girl is a by product of it, I will take it any day!


Thank you so much for reading!

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