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How To: Make An Activity Kaddy For Your Toddler

Isla is a real hand-ons gal. She loves colouring, playing with play doh and stickers and more importantly she loves to get her hands dirty with a little painting! She of course never wants to colour in the same place and going up and down the stairs numerous times to get crayons, then paint, then paper was getting me a little winded! I thought I would put together a kaddy for her with all of her favourite things so she could take it with her wherever she decides to get creative and she will have everything in one spot at all times.

I went to the Dollar Tree and found this great basket with 3 compartments and a bonus handle which made the whole “kaddy” concept even better. 

Some of Isla’s favourite things are:

– Construction Paper
– Stickers
– Pom Poms
– Finger Paints
– Play Doh
– Crayons
– Flash Cards

I purchased everything above except the finger paints at the Dollar Tree so this was a very cheap project to put together for her. Of course you could add anything to suit your child’s age group and their specific likes.





Isla loves her “KAD” as she calls it. She will carry it around all over the place, make random pit stops, pull out some items, play with them, put them back in and then move on to the next spot.

 I am excited to make other kaddies as her interests change and develop!
Do you have anything you use for keeping your little ones favourite items organized and in place?!
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    Place Under The Pine
    March 10, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    Great idea. You'll have to keep us updated on what she puts in her KAD when you are not looking?
    We have countless bags and buckets that get filled and unfilled with everything from toys to half eaten sandwiches. Kid's love carrying stuff around for some reason.

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