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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Toddler’s Bedroom

There is nothing better than opening up your windows on a warm weekend day for the first time since winter weather showed up and busting out all of your cleaning supplies! Ok, maybe I am getting a little too excited here but this past weekend was the perfect time to get some things done around the house that I have been putting off forever.

One MAJOR thing that had to get done was Isla’s closet and room in general. We like to keep a pretty clean house but I don’t know how things get so piled up in her room. It is embarssing to show you these pictures but her closet was in brutal shape. So many winter coats and mittens, shoes thrown around all over the place because that’s what she likes to do, clothing she has grown out of, her Christmas room decorations that I never had a chance to put away and I could go on and on and on about the state of her room. I knew there wasn’t to much I could do until the warmer weather came because then I would be able to pack up more of her clothing and leave out only one warm jacket instead of the four we had piled up. I had been picking away at it all week but this weekend was when I was going to get serious! I only needed a few hours (or so I thought) so I asked Dana to take Isla away for a couple of hours. They went outside to play and I got down to work.

Before Pictures
Stuff piled up everywhere.

Closet organizer keeping things not-so organized.
Clothing that used to be organized by season. Now your guess is as good as mine.

1. First off, I took all of her sweaters, winter clothing and boots, things that she had grown out of and packed them all away. I organized the closet a little better and now I have her rain jackets all in one place, followed by button up layering sweaters, then long shirts, short shirts and tanks, dresses and items she can wear now and will probably still be able to wear in the fall.

2. I then went through all of her shoes and made a space on her shelf JUST for shoes. Anything she has grown out of got put in storage.

3. It was time to tackle her hanging shelves and reorganize everything. I put her sheets, towels, hats and other things neat and tidy in her closet. Anything we use often like outside hats and sunglasses are also kept there too in baskets for easy access.

4. The high shelves were the next thing to do. The great thing about the age of our home is that the closets are huge. So many things like her Bumbo and tummy time mat I am able to keep there for future siblings. I got a couple baskets that I had laying around the house and in one I put all of her Christmas things and in the other I put memory items like the first NB diaper, items from her first birthday party and other things like that.

5. I also vacuumed every inch of her room, completely reorganized her changing table and dresser as well as did a complete overhaul of her bookshelf. She gets so many little trinkets and every time she gets something I just put it on her shelf. The little trinkets were starting to take over and they needed a place of there own. I took everything off the shelves, dusted, rearranged pictures and books so things didn’t look so cluttered and finally put up her Precious Moments and other collectables.

After Pictures

HUGE difference right!? I am very proud as to how the whole room turned out!

There you have it! A room fit for a princess! 

Are you doing any spring cleaning right now? Anything you are dreading getting done around the house but you know it just has to happen?

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