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Our Weekend

High five to weekends with my little family, a husband who didn’t have to work on Saturday, flowers and sunny days!

We started our Saturday off with a trip to Canadian Tire for some flowers. This year we decided to go really simple in the planting department and just stick with some pots and hanging baskets. We created our own garden when we first moved into our home but it just wasn’t working so this year we decided to plant grass seed and be done with it.

The weather was perfect outside so we never left the backyard. Isla helped me plant flowers, she had her first freezie, a picnic outside and she played with her new bubble mower for hours. We  washed our cars, had the most amazing salmon dinner and finished the night off with delicious wine and a fire in our backyard.

Sunday was cool and rainy. We did some grocery shopping, coloured and visited Isla’s Nana and Poppa. I wish everyday was the weekend and I hope you enjoyed yours.

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