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If you follow me on Instagram (@my_turquoise_home) you will know that 2 weekends ago Dana and I went to NYC for a long weekend getaway! My 30th birthday (barf!) is coming up and instead of my family throwing me a surprise party which I didn’t want at all…I mentioned to them about sending us to New York City. We desperately needed some time together and a weekend away. Luckily my family was all for it. At the end of May, my parents, sister and grandparents all pitched in to send us there and surprised us with a bus trip and 4 days away! How fantastic is that?! Here is a quick rundown of what we did.


4:30am wake up call. We were on the road to Ottawa to catch our bus for 6am. A few stops later, some bumper to bumper traffic and we made it to our Hilton hotel room at 6pm. Best hotel I have ever stayed at! Even in NYC. I would 100% recommend it.We freshened up and hit up Times Square, The Asian Food Festival, New York City Public Library and some stores on 5th Avenue. Oh and then had $10 beer bottles at the hotel bar as a night cap. Couldn’t believe the price! “We are on vacation” we kept telling ourselves. Needless to say we only stayed for one round.


We caught our bus at 8:30am for a tour around the city. We went through some of the neighbour hoods like Soho, stopped at the Chelsea Market, Union Station, took in the 9/11 memorial which was super emotional and walked around Central Park where we went to see the fountain, watch a couple get married and rented a paddle boat which is something I have always wanted to do and it was everything I imagined it to be. Trust me, there is nothing better then rowing a paddle boat in the very middle of the most beautiful city and park in the world with your honey!  We also made it to the Museum of Natural History which is just as beautiful as I remember it and ended the night by walking in a rain storm. We capped it off with some awesome pub food and delicious drinks and didn’t get home until 1am. Can’t remember the last time we did that!


We stayed in our hotel room till almost 11am. It was pouring rain. So much that it would of been hard to get around. It eventually stopped and we went to Top of the Rock, Lego Land and toured around Rockefeller Centre. I also made my game plan and mapped out how to get to NBC News. I was determined to make it to see the “Today” show on Monday morning. We then had the most delicious meal at a place called Circo, complete with delicious wine and the prettiest looking dessert I have ever seen. We sat on the patio all night, talked and people watched.


We were up bright and early at 6:30am and we were in the audience for the “Today” show by 7:30! I so badly wanted to see Matt Lauer but of course he had to be off. Still very cool to see the other anchors and see what happens behind the scenes. I know we are Canadian but Dana and I love watching the “Today” show in the mornings. We spent the rest of the morning window shopping, walking around and eating off of some great food trucks including the Halal Brothers. At noon we made a mad dash for the hotel, quickly threw everything in our luggage and then met the bus to leave for home. A bathroom stop and quick dinner at the Cracker Barrel and we were home.

The break away was much needed. Dana and I were able to be a couple again and have fun together. Anyways, I have typed for far to long already. Please enjoy some photos from our trip!

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